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Barry Stenulson

Acoustic & Electric Guitar,

Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle,

Violin, Dulcimer, Harmonica,

Piano, Accordion, Banjo, Ukulele

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Greer Streetman

Acoustic & Electric Guitar,

Bass Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin

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Jake Riddle

Acoustic, Electric, & Bass Guitar

String Bass, Marimba, Drums, Congas, Piano

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Joel Valentino

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Voice
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Matthew Polashek

Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Oboe, Flute, Piccolo, Bassoon

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13 replies
    • Chris
      Chris says:

      This is Chris, the store manager for the Lexington location. Thank you for your inquiry. We do have a drum teacher at our Lexington location that uses drum rudiments as the primary aspect of his curriculum. We do have several members of our sales staff who have been participants and educators with marching band programs in KY. I would encourage you to stop by sometime and we can talk more and also provide tips for the best ways to move forward.
      If you are about to be involved in a marching band program I encourage you to also ask the band director about lessons. Schools will have their own staff to due these things in most cases.

    • Colleen Cranley
      Colleen Cranley says:

      Hello Shari. Thank you for your comment. All of our teachers are great with children- and all of them are willing to teach 5 year olds. For a more detailed match, you are welcome to speak with someone in the store, they are always in contact with the teachers and know exactly which teacher would be best for your daughter.

    • Colleen
      Colleen says:

      Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for your inquiry. It really just depends on what instrument you are interested in learning. Any of our teachers will usually cater to what it is that you want to learn. The sales staff at the store will be able to help you pick out a great teacher- they know all of the teacher’s personalities really well. If you have any more questions let us know!

  1. Gary McFarland
    Gary McFarland says:

    Are church in currently looking for a pianist. We need someone as soon as possible to fill in until we hire a permanent person, which we are also looking for. If you know of someone who wouuld like a church pianist position, please have them give me a call at 859-707-7070

  2. HEather Hesselson
    HEather Hesselson says:

    We were wondering if you could recommend anyone for cello lessons for 4th grader.

    Thank you! Heather Hesselson

    • Colleen
      Colleen says:

      Hello Heather!

      Thank you for showing interest in our lessons page. We unfortunately do not have any teachers who are instructing the cello right now. We do however have a teacher, Erica Rumbley, who may be able to help you in some way. She is a violin teacher and loves working with children. If you are interested in reaching out to her, the information can be found here.

      I’m sorry that we could not help more, and please feel free to let us know if you have any more questions!


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