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At Willis Music…PASSION…is not just on paper…

From the sales staff in the retail locations to the employees at the warehouse, you will find musicians and players who perform in and around the community. 95% of the company workers play and/or teach music. Here, you will find employees whose skills extend outside of the workplace. We are committed.

We strive to provide the customer with the best possible service. Your experience in our stores and on our website should be memorable. We pride ourselves on making it right.

We are family oriented. For over 116 years, Willis Music has been a family owned business. Some of the current employees have even been with the company over 30 of those years. Not only do we have families at home, but Willis Music is our family too.

Here at Willis Music we are friends, family, musicians, specialists and community members. Our passion for music drives us to be successful every minute of every day. We feel that our obligation is to pass along our musical knowledge and expertise to you.

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Worship Musician Night

Worship Musician Night ButtonWe would love for you all to join us at all Willis Music locations for Worship Musician Night on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm for fellowship, refreshments, music making, and networking! 

Check out our gallery of past Worship Musician Nights.

Under The Cover

Under The Cover ButtonKyle Remnant takes our new print music and lets you see what’s under the cover! He offers an in-depth explanation of the music and its benefits to teachers and students. Join Kyle as he explores the wonderful worlds of Hal Leonard and Willis Music publications. Be sure to watch them all!

“Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.” –Sergei Rachmaninov

  • Looking for your first instrument?

    Willis Music’s buyers have put great thought into picking the best instruments for the beginning player.   These instruments are perfect for any aspiring musician to be successful.

  • Band & Orchestra Rentals

    Willis Music has all of your Band and Orchestra needs in mind. From Intermediate and Professional Instruments to accessories and necessities. We also rent instruments from all the major families including Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion and Strings. For more information…

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  • Lessons

    Students pursuing private musical education can research available local music teachers, check out available times for regularly scheduled music lessons, and even select their regular lesson time. It’s that easy!

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  • Financing Application

    Fill out the application and take your approval letter into the store and buy what you want.