A Summer Full Of Music

I think it is safe to say that we are all ready for summer. Don’t get me wrong- I used to think snow was really pretty- but not anymore! Spring is one of the busiest times of year for a lot of people, so summer is that promise of a little relaxation. Even through the hustle of getting the kids out of school, final exams, and work deadline, there is still the promise of a great summer at the end of it all.

That being said- summer was so much more fun we you were young. So here at Willis Music- we want to help you plan the perfect summer for your children- and maybe you can even get involved too! We are planning several different summer group programs in our different locations.

The benefits of group music making are endless. While one-on-one instruction is crucial to the learning process, starting with a group can be a great way to shake off the nerves. Starting something new is scary, but starting something new with 10 other people doesn’t sound so bad. We have had several group classes here and we love them.

We are planning all sorts of group lessons for the summer. We are still developing some- but here is a little bit more about one I am really excited about

In our Eastgate location, we will be holding a kids keyboard class called “Teaching Little Fingers to Play”. The class will be taught by our very own piano teacher Mike Bachelier. Mike teaches Piano, Guitar, and Voice several days a week at Willis Music and is excited to do some group work. The class will be on Monday mornings, 10:30-11:30, and will last for 6 weeks starting on June 15th. The price of the class will be $100. Space is limited so sign up in store or give the store a call at 513-752-6341.

More information on other group classes will be coming soon. If you would like to stay in the loop, make sure to visit www.willismusic.com/lessons or stop in a store today to find out what they are planning for you this summer.

Playing music in a group is a great way for your child to excel, as well as make new friends and learn new skills. You don’t have to take my word for it- check out this video of brothers who have always played music together and are proof that hard work and practice can really pay off!