Alyssa Guidugli: Graphic Designer – Everyone’s Proclaimed Sass Master

Hello, my name is Alyssa Guidugli. My last name is Italian, so the second G is silent. It’s pronounced Gadoolee. I was born in Fort Wright, KY. I grew up doing cheerleading and volleyball and I attended Holy Cross my entire life. I have two older brothers and an eccentric niece. After graduating from High School, I went away to college and attended Western Kentucky University down in Bowling Green, KY. Go Tops! 

While in college, I started off as an English major and then switched out to an Elementary Education major, but then switched again and finally to Graphic Design. After graduating, i found may way back home and a career at Willis. I have only been at Willis for a bit, but I already love it and I cannot wait to see where the journey here takes me. 

When I am not working, I enjoy going out with friends and spending ways to occupy my time. Some of the fun hobbies I enjoy doing are: drawing and reading. I am a huge movie and music fanatic. The Help is my favorite movie (and book) and I watch it four times a week if not more. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is my favorite Disney film and i watch that at least three times a week. Disney is my favorite company and I love most of the things they produce, therefore i may be one their biggest fans. I am an easy-going and bubbly spirit. I am one of the biggest extroverts you’ll ever meet. So, never be afraid to talk to me. (I’ve also been told i’m pretty sassy and petty, but I always smile through it.)

Fun Facts: 

-I’m ambidextrous, so i can do everything with both hands. (No, I am not lying.)

-I hate the color pink.

-I know the lyrics to every song in a Disney film. 

-I have never broken a bone. 

-I’ve never traveled to the West Coast.