Battle Of the School Bands

Battle of the School Bands Results

We have had a lot of fun things happening at Willis Music this year, such as our buyers and President attending Winter NAMM, our 116th Birthday, among many other great things. Also, we decided to have a little fun and healthy competition between school bands in the area. How you ask? We had a Battle of the School Bands. It was great! We had 7 schools participate and the videos we got were awesome! The participating schools were Reiley Elementary School Ukulele Club, Casey County Beginning Band, Bellevue Band of Gold, Williamsburg High School Concert Band, Western Hills Wolverine Marching Band, Conner High School Band, and Turkeyfoot 7th Grade Band. It’s a good thing voting was left to the public because it would have been hard for us to choose the best one.

So what is Battle of the School Bands? Great question. This was a Facebook contest we came up with that ran from January to May 1st. All school bands in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana areas were able to enter. We got all kinds of videos! Everything from a band performing in Disney World (how cool would that be?), to a marching band transforming into zombies on their school’s football field, to students dressing up in sumo wrestling Halloween costumes for a fun Halloween edition! They were all great and they were all entertaining. And let me tell you, the competition was fierce! Each school uploaded their video to our Willis Music Facebook page with their school name, director’s name, and what song they played. After that it was up to the schools, parents, students and teachers to share the video as much as possible! It was in the public’s hands! Whichever video they liked the best, they “liked” it and that counted as a vote. There was a battle for first place for a long time until the end when our winning school pulled ahead with 342 likes.

In case you missed the competition here are all of the video entries we received.

Reliey Elementary School Ukulele Club playing Yankee Doodle
Directed by: Lederrick Wesley

Casey County Beginning Band playing “Jaws”
Directed by: M Jordan Williams

Bellevue Band of Gold playing “Matador de Toros”
Directed by: Scott Reed

Wlliamsburg High School Concert Band playing “One Giant Leap”
Directed by: Kevin Lockwood

Western Hills Wolverine Marching Band playing Michael Jackon’s “Thriller”
Directed by: Stephanie Wallace

Conner High School Band playing the theme to Pirate’s of the Caribbean
Directed by: Chris Patterson

Turkeyfoot 7th Grade Band
Directed by: Jana Bromley

**Drum roll please** Here are the 2015 winners of the Battle of the School Bands competition:

The Casey County Beginning Band! Pictured from front to back are: Chase Clark who is one of our band reps, Director Jordan Williams, the Principal of Casey County Middle School, Joshua Blevins, and the students of the Casey County Beginning Band.

Great work everyone! They won a $500 Willis Music gift card!

Thank you to all of the bands who participated in our 2015 Battle of the School Bands Facebook competition! You all did great. Like us on Facebook at and Twitter at @WillisMusicCo to see upcoming competitions and maybe you could win!

Laura Barrowman