Benefits of playing in a recital

Willis Music the opportunity to be a part of many student recitals.  And it is easy to see how being a part of these reveals at least 3 benefits. We have an average of  20 to 25 students with their friends, family, and teachers packing the house.  There is an excitement in the air, great spirits and outstanding performances.  Here are 3 benefits I see in playing in a recital.

1.)   A goal to achieve:   Something changes in a student’s attitude when there is a goal to achieve.  There is a sense of urgency, nervousness, and a most importantly;  a DEADLINE.  Now that a student has a recital to look forward to, they practice more often.  The student is more engaged in their practice routine.  And this excitement carries well after the recital and students are more likely to work harder.

2.)   A performance experience:   Playing in a recital is a valuable experience for young players.  As they continue playing chances are that there will be many performances down the road.  Performing in front of people is generally not easy and requires a lot of practice.  However each time you play in front of an audience it gets easier.  This type of experience helps students with confidence and overcoming anxiety.

3.)   A sense of pride and accomplishment:   This is the most important benefit of all for the student.  The student have worked very hard and faced their fears and at the end of it all, they are met with a wave of applause from a smiling audience  This is the moment that the student feels special and appreciated for all of their hard work.  This is the moment that makes it all worth it.  It is a beautiful thing to be able to share music with a crowd of appreciating listeners.  Enjoying this moment at a young age can help the students to become more confident and boost their self-esteem.

So despite all the hard work involved, in the long run, the students, teachers, and parents find it very rewarding.



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