The NEW Steinway & Sons Sterling D

Steinway Sterling Edition Piano


Steinway & Sons Sterling D

Willis Music is proud to have accepted delivery of a brand new Steinway & Sons Sterling D. What is a Sterling D you ask? Steinway & Sons has taken their iconic Model D (the concert instrument choice of 98% of pianist world-wide) and given it a more contemporary look in these rare, exceptional instruments. It features all Nickle Hardware, Nickle Decals on the side and fall board, as well as the unique silver plate. This almost non-existent example of a Steinway D is the first of it’s kind to enter the Cincinnati Market and resides exclusively at the Willis Music Steinway Gallery. Take a moment to come and check it out…

Steinway & Sons Sterling D
Steinway & Sons Sterling D
Steinway & Sons Sterling D

Steinway & Sons Sterling D

Steinway & Sons Sterling D

Do you know…Used Pianos?

Have you ever wanted to play the piano? Perhaps you already play but your instrument is less than up to par. As a piano instructor, tuner, and dedicated consultant…I value the importance of quality. Willis is the ONLY authorized dealer in the region to sell Steinway & Sons Pianos. In buying a NEW Steinway & Sons piano, quality is never a concern, however, in purchasing a used piano many questions can arise. I am here to help guide you through these questions concerning brands, models, potential technical issues, and yes…even the money. In the picture below you see just a portion of our used pianos, I am happy to go with you through them one by one so we can discuss why it may or may not be the instrument for you. It’s my personal pledge to never hide or lead you in a direction that isn’t ideal for your specific needs and desires. Feel free to contact me at anytime.

Thank you,

Seth Parshall


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Kawai 506N $3,000

Like New, Excellent Condition 2012

Kawai 506N Kawai 506N

Yamaha P2 $750

Technician Reviewed, Used as Lesson Piano. Maple Finish

Yamaha P2


Everette Upright Console $750

Gently used upright console, great for a beginner. Finish is Pecan Walnut. Technician Reviewed.

Everette Upright Console  Everette Upright ConsoleEverette Upright Console

Steinway & Sons Sheraton (45") $11,500

This rare 1993 Ebony Satin, Steinway and Sons Sheraton (45″) has rare silver hardware, one owner, recently voiced/regulated/tuned. Solid Piano in a beautiful furniture case. $11,500

Steinway & Sons Sheraton (45")  Steinway & Sons Sheraton (45")Steinway & Sons Sheraton (45")Steinway & Sons Sheraton (45")

Yamaha GC1 (5’3") $11,500

2005 Yamaha GC1 (5’3″) Grand Piano. Excellent Condition. One-Owner Technician Reviewed. Black Ebony Polish

Yamaha GC1 (5'3") $11,500   Yamaha GC1 (5'3") $11,500 Yamaha GC1 (5'3") $11,500  Yamaha GC1 (5'3") $11,500



Steinway & Sons Model L (5’10.5")

This 1974 Steinway ands Sons Model L is 5’10.5″ It is Ebony Satin and boasts the icon, powerful Steinway sound. This instrument includes a refinish to your desire for $25,000. It has had hammers/shanks/and strings replaced. It was also repinned. Upon refinish will be a solid instrument for any level musician.

Steinway & Sons Model L (5'10.5") Steinway & Sons Model L (5'10.5") Steinway & Sons Model L (5'10.5")

1989 Howard C171 5’8" (Designed by Baldwin USA) $5,000

This high-polish ebony Howard Piano (Designed by Baldwin USA) was the personal instrument of Bobby Armstrong, keyboardists for The Casinos. This instrument has only been owned by him. This C171 is 5″8″ making it an ideal size for a family living room.

1989 Howard C171 5'8" (Designed by Baldwin USA)1989 Howard C171 5'8" (Designed by Baldwin USA)1989 Howard C171 5'8" (Designed by Baldwin USA)

Cincinnati Built Baldwin L $5,500

Cincinnati Built Baldwin L used piano. Local trade. Replaced with Steinway & Sons Model A. Solid Instrument, Technician Reviewed. Mahogany Finish. Solid Brass Hardware. $5,500Cincinnati Built Baldwin LCincinnati Built Baldwin L

Kawai GM1 with QRS Player System $6,500

Built in Japan. We have a 1996 Black High-Polish Ebony Kawai baby grand piano (4’9″) It includes the QRS player system with multiple discs. Solid Brass Hardware. Voiced/regulated/tuned.

 Kawai GM1 with QRS Player System $6,500       Kawai GM1 with QRS Player System Kawai GM1 with QRS Player System Kawai GM1 with QRS Player System

Scientist find that singing is good for your body and soul.

After years of singing in church choirs it comes as no surprise that scientists have found that not only does singing in a choir makes you feel good, but it’s healthy for you too.

Physical Effects of Singing

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, found that choir member’s heartbeats synchronize when they sing together, bring a calming effect that is as beneficial as yoga.  The scientist asked a group of teenagers to perform three choral exercises, humming, sing a hymn and chanting, while monitoring their heart rhythms during each exercise.  They showed that singing has a dramatic effect on heart rate variability, which is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease.

“Song is a form of regular, controlled breathing, since breathing out occurs on the song phrases and inhaling takes place between these,” says Dr. Vickhoff, who led the study.  “It gives you pretty much the same effect as yoga breathing.  It helps you relax,  and there are indications that it does provide a heart benefit.”

Over the years, scientist have found that singing has a number of health benefits.  Cardiff University in 2012 found that lung cancer patients who sang in a choir had a greater expiratory capacity than those who didn’t.  Singing has also shown to boost the immune system, reduce stress levels.  According to a report published in the Journal of Music Therapy in 2004, singing helped patients cope with chronic pain.

“Singing delivers a host of physical and emotional benefits, including increased aerobic exercise, improved breathing, posture, mindset, confidence and self-esteem,” says Jeremy Hywel Williams, who leads the LLaneli Choral Society in Wales.

Psychological Effects of Singing.  Does Singing make you Happy?

In the United States, choral singing is the most popular of all arts related participatory activities.  Across the country, 28.5 million people regularly sing in one of 250,000 chorus groups.  Singing has some effects that other participatory activities don’t.  Specifically choral singing, which is where the most recent and surprising research has been done.

Some of the greatest connections between singing and happiness are more mental than physical.  They are harder to measure, but just as significant.  All types of singing have a positive psychological effects.  The act of singing releases endorphins, the “feel good” chemicals.  But of all types of singing it’s choral singing that seems to have the most dramatic effects on people’s lives.  Especially sacred choral groups, good old fashion church choirs.

A study published in Australia in 2008 revealed that on average, choir members rated their satisfaction with life higher than the public, even when the actual problems faced by those singers were more substantial than those faced by the general public.  A 1998 study found that after nursing home residents took part in a singing program for a month, there were significant decreases in both anxiety and depression levels.  `

Choral singers need to concentrate on their music and technique throughout the singing process, and it’s hard to worry about things like work or money or family problems when you’re actively concentrating on something else.  So choral singer tend to have a built in ” stress free zone”.  Learning is also part of the process, learning a new song, new harmonies, etc.  helps keep the mind active and fends off depression.

The question remains, why choral singers specifically?  Concentration and deep breathing can happen in a recording studio, or the privacy of your own home.

It’s because some of the most important ties between singing and happiness are social ones.  The support system of being a part of a group, and the commitment to that group that gets people out of the house and into chorus every week- these are benefits that are specific to group singing.  In addition singing anthems with uplifting messages help the choir members with problems that often come along with being human in modern times.

So if you want to have a more fulfilling and longer life, join a choir. 

Many choirs are always looking for new members.  Summer time is the perfect time to join one.  The choir’s schedule is more relaxed, making it the perfect time to check it out.

The science doesn’t lie: singing really is better you health.

And, in the words of Ella Fitzgerald, ” the only thing better than singing – is more singing”.



2002 Petrof III 6’3" Grand Piano

We have a used 2002 Petrof III. It has a high-polish walnut finish. Leather artist bench. Solid Brass hardware. Built in the Czech Republic.   Was just tuned/voiced/regulated. QRS Player system. Includes multiple CDs. Available for $16,500. Financing Available. 2002 Petrof III 6'3" Grand Piano2002 Petrof III 6'3" Grand Piano2002 Petrof III 6'3" Grand Piano