Check out the new Cordoba C12 at Kenwood

cordoba C12Finally the long awaited Cordoba Guitars C12, now at the Willis Music Kenwood store. 


The handmade Cordoba C12 is the latest addition to a great line of classical guitars made for Cordoba Guitars.

The C12 features the vintage elegance of a hand-inlaid mother-of-pearl rosette inspired by a 1920s Domingo Esteso design and a beautiful flame maple wedge on it’s solid Indian rosewood back.

Modern design elements also include a lattice braced top and raised fingerboard for easy playability when accessing the upper frets. The lattice bracing systems have become popular, largely as a result of John Williams patronage of Greg Smallman guitars. The lattice system employs a number of crossed struts, usually joined at intersections, to form a lattice.

This form of strutting is very stiff and can be made very light, which allows the top to be made significantly thinner than a traditionally braced guitar.

This can help to improve the efficiency of the instrument in generating sound, which can give the more volume. Lattice braced guitars also tend to have a distinctive tone (which is not to everyone’s taste). This is more a result of the lightness and stiffness of the top than the system of strutting itself.

The C12 features a solid European spruce, with solid Indian rosewood sides and back, black and gold tuning machines, ebony fingerboard and adjustable truss rod.

Come check it out at the Willis Music store in Kenwood. Make an appointment with Robert Falcon. Call 513-252-0445.