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JUNO Reeds!!!

Juno Reeds

What makes JUNO reeds different from other ‘entry-level’ reeds is the immediate response the student will experience combined with the sound of a Vandoren.

“Responded well throughout all ranges of the saxophone. Low register quite easy. Has the sound of a Vandoren with the feel of a Rico.” — Jason Laczkoski – Yamaha Artist

What’s The Juno Difference – Better yet, how are they similar?

There have been many questions about what the difference between the JUNO reed and other Vandoren reeds. Instead, let’s focus on what the similarities…

First – Vandoren cane – all Vandoren reeds cane only comes from the Mediterranean basin – including JUNO.

Second – JUNO reeds are cut and packaged using the same machines Vandoren uses to cut and package all their reeds.

Third – Consider JUNO just another Vandoren cut since each Vandoren reed has its own profile, the JUNO reed is a beginning reed profile that takes less time to cut and can be made more economically.

Finally – Everything about the way JUNO reeds are made is the same as any other Vandoren reed. The box and the 3 Packs even say “Designed and Manufactured by Vandoren.” Technology is the secret, but the ability to design a beautiful sounding reed is all Vandoren.

Here’s a Story about Juno Reeds…

“My Son Almost Quit Band”
Here’s a story that came from someone very close to us. Stephanie Murphy, our account representative for JUNO, has a son who started band this fall. He brought his saxophone home and with great expectation, got ready to practice. He carefully put on the reed that came in the case and began to play. As hard as he tried, he was unable to create a sound or do any of the exercises without squeaking. He was so frustrated that he went to his mother and told her he didn’t think he could play an instrument and that he felt like quitting. His mother urged him to keep trying and also said she would bring some reeds home from work – of  course they were JUNO reeds.
From the time Stephanie’s son began using JUNO reeds, his progress has been amazing. “He wants to play all the time,” commented Stephanie.

We do not presume to believe that there are “Magical” reeds that give people “superpowers” of prowess on woodwind instruments… however, we DO believe that everyone WILL benefit from using higher quality equipment.

Until a ring reed is forged in the fire of Mount “what-cha-call-it”… try JUNO. These could be your next precious “go-to” reeds.

Click HERE for a Willis Music closest to you to try out JUNO reeds!

Click HERE for the .pdf brochure.

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