December Newsletter Highlights – GUITAR

December Guitar News


Certain “gems” get lost amid our walls of electric guitars. We would like to point out one of those we feel that is being “overlooked”… Last year’s Fender American made Guitars & Basses!

In our stores, you will find Fender Standard, Deluxe, Vintage, etc. guitars and basses to fit any and all needs. Remember, last year’s colors are today’s “vintage” reissues! These otherwise perfect American made instruments are up to $400.00 off today’s best pricing! With a limited selection of 30+ instruments throughout the stores, once these are gone… they are gone for good. We’re sure there are a few out there that you would like to hear and feel for yourself. Give us a call or come on in. Our folks would love to help you out.

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From the desk of Paul Finke, VP Sales and Purchasing