Doretta Steinway Experience

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ST E I N WAY & SONS has always been an avid supporter of music education. From the very beginning of ST E I N WAY’ S history, when Doretta Steinway gave piano lessons to prospective and past clients, to our present day support for music festivals worldwide, we have always believed that music education is of the utmost importance. In return, we have enjoyed assisting students and their families in making the best decisions about their musical investment. As a part of our commitment to music education, we have launched the Doretta Steinway Experience.
 Event activities include: 
• An exclusive ST E I N WAY & SONS VIRTUAL REALITY Factor y Tour 
• An Introduction to the ST E I N WAY-Designed family of pianos 
• Build Your Business! 
• An opportunity to play on new ST E I N WAY, BOSTON, & ESSEX Pianos