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Essex EGP-155C Ebony Polish

Essex EGP155EP Grand Piano

Designed in it’s entirety by Steinway & Sons, this surprisingly affordable grand piano offers owners a fully satisfying musical experience and a beautiful addition to their homes.  The sound this piano produces is full and rich due in part to the innovative shape and design of the solid‑spruce soundboard; and the low-tension scale results in a lengthy sustain in addition to its warm, rich, colorful, and fully pleasing tone.

At 5 feet 1 inch in length, this delightful grand piano produces a tone that will surprise and delight those fortunate enough to experience it.


  • Height: 100 cm (39¼”)
  • Length: 155 cm (5′ 1″)
  • Width: 151 cm (59¼”)
  • Net Weight: 289 kg (636 lb)

Essex EUP-108 C Continental

Essex EUP108C Upright Piano

This sleek, 42½-inch polished ebony piano comes in a contemporary continental design that is simply beautiful. Its small footprint allows it to be placed in any room, but its Steinway design assures that the music it produces will impress any audience. Available in Ebony Polish.


  • Height: 108 cm (42½”)
  • Width: 147 cm (57¾”)
  • Depth: 55 cm (21½”)
  • Net Weight: 209 kg (460 lb)

Essex EUP-111E Ebony Polish

Essex EUP111E Ebony Upright Piano

At just under 44 inches, this impressive piano gives a musical performance that would only be expected from a larger piano. A favorite of private piano teachers, this wonderfully affordable piano will bring the joy of making music to any family. Available in Ebony.


  • Height: 111 cm (43¾”)
  • Width: 148 cm (58″)
  • Depth: 58 cm (22¾”)
  • Net Weight: 220 kg (484 lb)
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