February 2014 Calendar of Events for the Willis Music Florence Super Store.

February is packed with sales events, concerts and our re-occurring get togethers. Join us that the Woodsongs concert: Feb 1st with Wilderness Trail Bluegrass Band. Special Events include: The Day the Music Died (Feb. 3rd), Make a Friend Day (Feb. 11th) and No Brainer Day (Feb. 27th). Look for details on the Willis Music Florence Facebook page. Valentine Day (Feb 14th) Sing for strings. Join us for the Steinway Young Artist Concert Series (Feb 12th) featuring Jonathan Carlisle. Kim Robins and 40 Years Late will perform at the Woodsongs concert (Feb. 21st). Our re-occurring get togethers are: Open Mic Night (3rd Wednesday), Open Blues Jam (3rd Sunday), Ukulele Club (4th Wednesday), NKBMA Open Bluegrass Jam (4th Friday). Piano teachers will get a chance at winning the use of a Boston piano (in their studio for a year) at the Steinway Boston Teachers Event (Feb 22nd).