Florence Open Mic Feb 20 6PM

It’s February, one day will be in the 60’s, the next day we will get 5 inches of snow – what the heck! But spring is just around the corner (the Groundhog’s Shadow not withstanding J) – Valentine’s Day, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training, the Daytona race, all signs that the flowers will be popping up! In preparation for that reemergence and revival, let’s play some music! Come on out to the Willis Music Open Mic Night – Wednesday, February 20th from 6-7:45 PM. It is in the studio/stage area which is immediately to the left as you walk through the door.

Maybe you need new strings, a new strap, heck maybe some bongos or a cajon to lay down a beat – it’s all here at Willis Music!

Come on out, tune up, warm up your vocal cords and picking fingers and we’ll make some beautiful (well, maybe to us J) music on Wednesday, February 20th from 6pm to 7:45 pm. See you there!!!