Have You Heard About Free Lesson Day?

Have you heard about Free Lesson Day?

We do many exciting things here at Willis Music- but I personally am really excited about this. We have decided that the best way for you or your child to decide if lessons are right for you- is to try them out- for free! So we invite you to come to any of our stores from 1:00-3:00 on May 23rd.

There we will have teachers ready to give you a short lesson to decide if private instruction is right for you. We will be focusing on piano and guitar. It is going to be a really fun day- introducing people to music is what we are here for. It will be a great way to meet some of our fantastic teachers. We can’t wait to see you there. Contact the store nearest you for more information.

Here is a short video telling you all about Free Lesson Day!

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  1. M.J. Adamick
    M.J. Adamick says:

    When you say you will be “focusing” on guitar and piano on May 23rd, does that mean you will only be offering lessons on those instruments? Or will there be some of the teachers for band and orchestra instruments too? Thanks!

    • Bill Phipps
      Bill Phipps says:

      Band and Orchestra teachers will be limited that day for a free lesson. E-mail me your information what store you would like to go to and what instrument you want a free lesson on, and I will try to work the details out.


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