Would You Like to Help Advocate for School Music?

KC Goes to DC for Advocacy

Capitol dome in spring

From http://www.house.gov/content/features/2014dome/ Image from the Architect of the Capitol

Want your voice heard about music advocacy? Have a solution or idea on supporting music in the schools? Not sure that your voice is being heard? Let Kevin “carry your tune” to Washington!

“NAMM’s annual Advocacy Fly-In gives NAMM Members the opportunity to advocate to their Members of Congress for policy and funding to support music and arts education. This advocacy effort includes one day of preparation at the Kennedy Center and another day of personal meetings with representatives and other influencers. Sessions are preceded by an issues briefing and training, after which NAMM Members hit the halls of the U.S. Capitol and Congressional office buildings to lobby their representatives about the importance of music education and needed changes to assure access for music learning. During the trip NAMM Members are also trained on developing state-level advocacy efforts for music and arts education that they can take back to their communities in time for school budget season.”

Kevin Cranley, Willis Music Company President, will be traveling to Washington D.C. with NAMM members on May 18, 2014 to fight for the right of Music Education.

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