What You Need To Know About Renting An Instrument

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Why should your child be in a band or orchestra class? I could write for months about the benefits of music but I think this video below really gives a great introduction.


Who has to rent the instrument? The parent or legal guardian must be present to fill out the rental contract. We have monthly and yearly rental options available. For more information about the rental contract, please contact a Willis Music Sales Associate.


What do I need for my child’s band class? Typically the band director will provide a list of essentials which will include a Band Method book (click HERE to see more info on that subject). Besides the method book, other essentials will be different depending on the instrument that is being rented. Here are a few examples:

  • Woodwind instruments such as clarinets and saxophones require reeds for that instrument to produce sound. A typical rental comes with one reed to get the student started. Your child will go through these reeds at a pretty good pace so purchasing reeds throughout the year is common and expected. Each instrument has specific reeds and specific sizes/strengths. Buying reeds in boxes is always more cost effective. Please consult with the band director on the specified reed sizes/strengths.
  • Brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones will require specific oils/lubricants to maintain it’s continuity. A typical rental will come with a small bottle of oil. Not unlike reeds, your child will go through oils/lubricants throughout the year and it is a common recurring purchase. Most band directors do not require a specified oil for these instruments, so please consult with a Willis Music Sales Associate or your child’s private lessons teacher for recommendations. (Is your child not taking private lessons? Click HERE for information)
  • Percussion instruments will require specific sticks or mallets throughout the year. A typical rental will come with a basic set. Sticks and mallets are also a common purchase recurrence during the year. In many cases, the band director will specify the brand and size for their students.

The constants for every instrument are cleaning kits (specified for each instrument) and a music stand. The music stand holds the music and band methods in a proper position for practicing their instrument at home (which is just like doing “homework”). The cleaning kit is exactly as it sounds; a kit to clean the instrument. It is very important that your child’s instrument is cleaned consistently. Don’t believe us? Check out this article. Full Disclosure: All of our rental instruments go through a strict anti-bacterial sterilization process before they are rented to the general public.

Parents, treat these accessories just as you would school supplies; they are necessary for your child’s development.


When can I rent an instrument? Right NOW! We rent instruments throughout the year. But this is typically the busiest time and we do have somewhat of a limited supply. If your child knows what instrument they want to play, the time is of the essence: come in and rent that instrument.


Where can I rent an instrument? ALL Willis Music locations and Moeller Music have the ability to rent instruments for your child for band class. Click HERE for store locations.