Jim Burkhardt- Guitar Aficionado 

I’m Jim Burkhardt. I started with Willis Music in 2012. My girlfriend, now wife, worked at the Florence location and I would come visit her when I got off work. Bill Phipps who was the sales manager and I would talk while I was there and he kept asking when I was going to come work at Willis. Finally, in January, I said I was ready so I started in the Florence location. It was great to sell guitars and talk about gear all day. In 2013, I transferred to the Eastgate location and then in 2015 became the store manager.

I didn’t start music early in life. In elementary school, my mom forced me to play trumpet, so for 2 years, I carried my trumpet back and forth to school. I did however, become an expert at changing the drum heads for all my friends who were in drum line! As an adult, I decided to start playing guitar.

When not playing music, I’m either biking or taking photos, or both! In 2015, my wife and I were married inside Leo Fenders office at the G&L factory in Fullerton California.  

Jim with a Fender Guitar
Jim and Denise with a guitar
Jim and Denise Hiking