Judy Carpenter- Band Mom of the Year… Every Year

Hi everyone!  I’m Judy Carpenter… and THIS is MY life!  

Before Willis Music, I held a number (and I’m not kidding) of various jobs.  Believe me, I’ve been there, done that, bought the tee shirt. US Navy Mineman, Factory Worker, Waitress, Bartender, Travel Agent, Postal Worker, UPS Delivery Driver, Jeweler, Airport Ramp Agent, Cashier, Manager of a Finance Company, Farm Supply, and even School Lunch Lady. I enjoyed each of these jobs for various reasons, but have always been a restless sort.  

When I finally went back to school, got a degree, and started working for Willis Music, I found where I belonged.  I started working for Willis in March of 2014 in the Accounting Department and I LOVE it! I work with some awesome people, and I love the laid-back atmosphere!

Judy by a pond

But all of the jobs that I have held pale in comparison to that of being a MOM.  My kids are my life.  And I can safely say that THEY are the reason I ended up at Willis Music. For two reasons. Partly because I finally wanted a REAL job, but most importantly because Music is what they do, and being a Mom is what I do. I’ve had kids in Band for the last nine years, with three more to go in High School Band, and I will have at least one in Band for the rest of my life (My eldest is majoring in Music Education).  Band changes kids. ALWAYS for the better.  I’ve seen it first hand, being a very involved Band Booster at my kids’ school.  It increases confidence and grades. It teaches time management and cooperation.  It gives kids who have little or no parental support a second family.  It can be exhausting for Directors, and for us parents that are in the thick of it day in and day out, but if you could see the changes that happen in these young people when they are part of something so much bigger than themselves, you would never deny them the opportunity, at ANY cost.

Now that I think about it, Willis is kind of like that – a second family! And I invite you to become a part of OUR family of customers!

Judy's Kids
Judy's Son
Judy Military Photo