Kevin Cranley- Expert Kayaker & Really Tall Guy. 

Hi, I have been with Willis my entire life because Willis is a family business and I am fortunate to be a part of it.  I want to insure that Willis outlives me and is available for generations of music lovers to come.  The music business is so rewarding for me because on a daily basis we get to help people realize their dreams.  Handing a child or anyone for that matter their first instrument is amazing.  The look in their eyes makes everything worthwhile.  I owe a great deal of gratitude to those Willis team members before me who helped make Willis what it is today.

I do play piano but the real talent in the family is my wife Debbi, a flute major.  Our children all played and a couple sang in choirs.  I have 3 grand children at this point and they are truly amazing.  My hobbies are varied, I like working with wood, golfing and exercise.  I also enjoy being on the water in my canoe, paddle-board or kayak. If it doesn’t have a motor I love it.   

Kevin Kayaking the Ohio River
Kevin and Debbie at Golden Gate
Kevin Kayaking
Debbie and Kevin Kayaking
Kevin Conoe Picture
Kevin Boundary Waters
Kevin Lake behind Him