Laura Barrowman- Adventure Seeker, Social Media Guru, Mommy- Definition of Awesome. 

My name is Laura Barrowman and I am the face behind all of our social media posts! I also help make our online selling site look awesome and full of cool products. Being born and raised in Louisiana (pretty much the best state ever!)  I am a southern girl at heart. I attended Southeastern Louisiana University which is where I met my husband. 

In the beginning

My husband is from Kentucky. Now, I am sure you are wondering how a Kentucky boy found himself attending a small university in southern Louisiana? His aunt, uncle, and cousin live there and they are my parents best friends so naturally we met. This is no love at first site story! In fact, the first time I met him I remember telling my mom he was very loud and obnoxious and I thought the shirt he was wearing was ridiculous. We really owe his cousin credit for our friendship because he gave Trey my number and from there we hung out a lot and became best friends. We were friends for a year before we started dating. Obviously he grew on me because three years later we had a fun outdoor wedding at my grandparents beautiful home! 

We ended up back in Kentucky because it was my husband’s dream was to become a lawyer. He had to decide between Loyola University in New Orleans or Chase Law School here in Kentucky. We wanted to see our nieces and nephews grow up so we moved back! It has been five years now! 

What I am up to Now

In December 11, 2016 at 1:11 am our sassy but sweet little girl entered into the world. She keeps us on our toes but we enjoy having her in our lives so much! Our girl has a very determined spirit and talks as much as her daddy. We enjoy spending our weekends doing fun things with her like going to the zoo or pumpkin patches! I have quite the adventurous spirit and I love doing anything athletic and sporty. On Tuesday nights during the Summer I play on a softball team and we usually make it to the Championship. 

I unfortunately do not have a background in music, but I do have an appreciation for music and I am passionate about the benefits music has in education. We are excited to raise our daughter to play any instrument she chooses. She loves to sing and she does it loud and proud! I am excited to be able to do my small part for Willis and help show parents, children, and anyone who wants to learn the benefits of music!