Lexington February 2017 Calendar of Events

Don’t let the winter weather slow you down this month! We are excited to come to work each day in February to serve YOU in all your musical needs. Come enjoy “The Yamaha Experience” at our Lexington location!

Did you know there is an app out there for certain digital pianos, for electronic drumkits, and for guitar amplifiers? Explore the amazing possibilities these apps create at our Yamaha App Corner in Lexington!

February always brings out one of our biggest sale events of the year!  Don’t miss the annual Willis Music Penny Sale, February 23-26! There will be over twenty deals when purchasing one item, you get another item for only a penny!  Could you ever imagine getting an guitar clip-on tuner for only $0.01?  What about purchasing an ukulele for $0.01?!   Even better, how about a Powerwerks speaker for $0.01!!  You will find those deals and much more during our Penny Sale event.


Two events you’ll want to add to your personal calendars in February include the GUITAR WORKSHOP with Alan Robinson, on Saturday, February 11 at 4 p.m. This workshop is going to be great for any level of musicianship! In fact, we promise you that its not even necessary that you play guitar in order to attend this free workshop. Learn how to solo over different chord progressions, and gain a few tricks in how to create your own melodies!

Our monthly Disklavier concert on the 4th Friday takes place on February 24 at 6 p.m. Attend a live piano concert, in an intimate setting, with tons of technology making it all happen! It’s a beautiful evening you’ll be happy to experience!


Check out our February calendar of events:

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  1. Johnya Earlywine
    Johnya Earlywine says:

    Hello. Are you having an event for musicians on 2/18 from 2:00-5:00? A friend told me you were. If so, could you provide me more information?

    • Bill Phipps
      Bill Phipps says:

      Thank You for reaching out via our website. The event you are requesting information on is our own open mic experience, Lexington Live.

      We are not having this event this month due to several obligations we have outside of the store this month.

      The third Saturday in March would be our next one.

      We give feedback to participants after each performance. And typically we try to make this an event for a local teacher to bring their students all at once in order to maximize the educational experience – teachers are always open to others also performing the same event.


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