The Little Drummer Boy

How many of us can say at 8 years old we could keep a sick beat on the drums? This kid can!

Cooper At the Drums

This is Cooper (Aka: one of the coolest kids you will ever meet!). He is 8 years old and can drum like no one’s business. His awesome talents helped him become one of our winners for our Willis Music “Kid’s Got Talent” contest. This little guy can also read music, sing, and play drums at the same time!

I had the pleasure of sitting down and interviewing Cooper… Jealous? You should be! This kid seriously knows what he is doing! Before the interview started we put him at a drumset that is on display in our West Chester store… He knew how to set it up better than we did! He went right to work adjusting everything to fit him and happily let the master go to work!

It seems Cooper was destined to be a drummer from the day he was born. Cooper’s mom, Lisa, said that Cooper was born on December 21st so they were playing Christmas music in the O.R. as little Cooper was being delivered. The song that was playing ironically was “The Little Drummer Boy.” Lisa told me she turned to her husband Brian and said “well, here’s our drummer!” Little did she know at the time that would actually come true!

Cooper’s interest in drums came when he was only 9 months old! I asked him what sparked his interest to become a drummer and he said he was “…too young to remember…” hey, who can blame him he was only two! So I asked his mom, because who would know better than her? She said at 9 months old Cooper could “…keep the beat anytime he heard music and loved watching bands on television.” She said like most young kids do he would “…pull out all of the pots and pans, but he would try to set them up to resemble an actual drum set!” She said he loved to bang on whatever he could, but rather than it just sounding like a bunch of loud noise, he actually sounded good. When he was two years old they began talking about getting him his very own drum kit. So the morning of Cooper’s third birthday, that is exactly what he got! His mom said he was the happiest kid she has ever seen! There is a video of Cooper playing “White Room” with his dad, who is a bass player, only a few days after his birthday. Seriously, how cool is this story?

It is so great seeing a kid as young as Cooper taking such a great interest in music. It is also great for him to have a family who are proud of his musical talents and support him! Here is Cooper with his family! Don’t they look great!

Now that you know a little about Cooper check out this interview he did with me and him testing out some drums in our store!

Want to see more of Cooper… we know you do… I mean come on… he is awesome! Go check out his YouTube channel!