Make Music Day

On Sunday, June 20th, I had the opportunity to spend National Make Music Day at our Lexington store for Lexi-Fest.  Lexi-Fest was put together by none other than the wonderfully talented David McLean. Amoung many other things, David teaches the group guitar class at the store. David put together this event at several different locations throughout Lexington, and we were happy to offer the front of our store. It was a day full of great musical talent, and I’d love to take a minute to share it with you.

Getting ready with my Willis Gear!

Getting ready with my Willis Gear!

Inside the store- we were armed with a ton of Ukuleles. We find that Ukuleles are an instruments that anyone can pick up and learn a few chords on, and we had a great time offering that opportunity to anyone and everyone who walked in the store.

image2 (1)

Matt, Justin, and John are ready to rock!


The event was kicked off at 2:00 with local weatherman Bill Meck as our Emcee. Lucky for Bill, the weather wasn’t as bad as expected- so he didn’t get blamed for too much. Our first performer was Marcus Wilkerson. Marcus is a great singer and guitar player.



After Marcus, we brought up the band Soljam. They were very fun to listen to, with a smooth style that you don’t hear often.



Next we had Hybrd the Rapper. He did some rap and some spoken word. It was a performance like I have never seen or heard before- and he offered me a much better appreciation for the genre.



Our last performer was Maggie Lander. Maggie is a singer/songwriting of folk music and she was incredible to watch.



Overall it was a great day for music, and I was so happy I got to be a part of it! Thanks again to David McLean for organizing the event, and our fearless store manager Chris Teesdale for making it all happen.