May Newsletter Highlights BAND & Orchestra

May News 2013 – Band & Orchestra


Your child is still playing on the same band instrument since the fifth or sixth grade!?

Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa – these kids have put in the practice time, incited your cheer at concerts, and love making music as much as they do listening to it. Now is the Time! Reward their hard work with a higher quality instrument that will build their confidence and help them to be more successful.

Trumpet Players… Need a silver horn for a big bold sound and better intonation that players are looking for!

Flute Players… Need an Open Hole flute with a B Foot and solid silver head to play better than they have before!

Clarinet Players… Is your child in Concert Band? If so, you need to hear the incredible sounds they will make on a Wood Clarinet!

Sax Players… All sax players need a High F# key to play like a professional. Student horns do not offer this option so your child’s horn could be holding them back!

Trombone Players… All trombone players need an F trigger! Enough said!

Come on out to one of our store locations to see these fine instruments in person.

When you visit one of our stores, be sure you ask about our “Try B4U Buy” program… It’s FREE! If you are not sure which instrument is right for your child, with “Try B4U Buy” your child can play the instrument at school, at their private lesson and at home so they are able to feel comfortable before you purchase.

Do you currently rent an instrument from Willis Music?

If you have rental equity, it can be applied toward most Step-Up instruments.

We also offer Step-Up rental rates beginning at $59.99 which can be applied toward the purchase of that Step-Up instrument.

Visit the store nearest you or contact the Band & Orchestra Department by email at It’s Step-Up time and your child is ready!

This post is from the desk of Cindy Hicks, Willis Music Education Director B&O Rentals/Sales.

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