October- Drum & Percussion Markdown (clever Halloween references to follow)

drum1    drum2

If you are a drummer, you know that Tri County Willis Music is quite the drummer’s paradise.  But, it is time we part ways with some of our great gear!

Every Tom, Rick, and JACK-O-LANTERN is invited to our newly set up BONEYARD of a drum floor!  CHILLING discounts and special offers on all percussion products that will make the SPINE TINGLE.  We’ve cleared the COBWEBS, chased off the BLACK CATS, and ran the BATS from behind the gongs!  Over 20 sets of drums marked down to almost nothing!  Hand percussion items at SCREECHIN’ deals!  Excellent offers on hardware, and cymbal prices that would HAUNT their manufacturers!

Just like your Trick-or-Treat candy, once it’s gone, it’s gone!  Stop in and see us!  Trade in your unwanted gear!  Call 513.671.3288 with any questions!