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October News – Sheet Music

 A Dozen A Day Instrumental Books!

Willis Music A Dozen A Day Trumpet bookWillis Music A Dozen A Day Violin Book

Willis Music A Dozen A Day Flute BookWillis Music A Dozen A Day Clarinet BookWillis Music A Dozen A Day Saxophone Book

A Dozen a Day books have long been the favorite pre-practice technical exercises for young pianists. Now these classic warm-up exercises are available for instruments too! Complete with audio backing tracks on the included CD, these books help develop and maintain good fingering and breathing technique – the basis for all good playing. Suddenly practice has become more rewarding… and a lot more enjoyable!”

Currently, A Dozen A Day Instrumental books are available for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Violin.

Visit any of our convenient locations and mention this post specifically to a Willis Music Sales Associate and receive an extra 10% discount on the A Dozen A Day Instrumental book(s) at the time of purchase!

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