Open Mic Night – April 20 @ Florence

Spring has sprung and we are having Open Mic Night – April 20 @ Florence! It’s patio season (although some days are more patio-friendly than others in April).

If you want to work on some new tunes, maybe get a new idea on how to transition from a G chord to a
C#minor chord, or just hang out and listen and play, come out to the Willis Music Open Mic Night –
Wednesday, April 20th from 6-8 PM. It is in the studio/stage area which is immediately to the left as you
walk through the door.
Also, don’t forget, if you’ve broken a string or two, want upgrade to a more powerful amp & cabinet,
sheet music to that new song you want to learn, a brighter strap or anything thing else musically, Willis
has what you need.
Come on out, tune up, warm up your vocal cords and picking fingers and we’ll make some music on
Wednesday, April 20th from 6pm to 8pm. Check in with Scott and let’s shred (or strum)!!!

Open Mic Night Sign Open Mic Night - April 20 @ Florence

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