Open Mic Night – Florence – May 18th

The April showers have come and gone, it’s time for Mayflowers and party season! Cookouts,

graduations, weddings, heck any reason to gather together – and you have your guitar, ukulele, fiddle,

banjo… whatever! If you want some practice in a great venue with an audience who are there just for

the musical enjoyment and banter, come on out to the Willis Music Open Mic Night – Wednesday, May

18 th from 6-8 PM. It is in the studio/stage area which is immediately to the left as you walk through the


Don’t forget, if you need more picks, new sheet music, a brighter strap, a graduation present or anything

thing else musically, Willis has what you need.

Come on out, tune up, warm up your vocal cords and picking fingers and we’ll make some music on

Wednesday, May 18 th from 6pm to 8pm. See you there!!!

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