Paul Finke- El Jefe

I’m Paul Finke and I have been consumed with Willis Music for 32 years.  If you’re not sure what “consumed” means, just ask my wife and she’d be able to tell you what I’m thinking about most minutes of any day!  I do love the business part, purchasing great gear, working with different teams throughout the company and helping our customers.  I especially appreciate the fact that what we provide through products and our services, in almost all cases, enriches lives with no limit of age.  That’s really cool.

That’s what I DO, but who I AM is a husband to Debbie for 27 years and a father of 5 awesome children from 21 down to 10 years old.  I am also one who feels I can improve my children’s future by working very hard throughout my local community especially through my church of St. Agnes in Fort Wright, KY  I have been very involved there for over 35 years.

I also play drums for the German / American party band – Prost who plays out way more than I can so I have a sweet arrangement with them and another drummer who is amazingly flexible!  I love to hang with my family and friends (sometimes a lost gem!), ride my bicycle in the country, grill some great meat, coach baseball, hang at the pool and even though the body doesn’t like me much as I get older, I love to camp, hike and do some adventurous type things when I can.

Paul and family
Paul Hiking
Paul playing oktoberfest
Paul Boundary Waters
Paul Packing Canoe
Paul Canoe