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2016 Piano Workshop Schedule

Carolyn Miller – Lexington, KY – Tuesday, June 28th

Glenda Austin – Florence, KY – Wednesday, July 13th

Randall Hartsell – Cincinnati, OH – Wednesday, July 27th

Piano Educators Workshop – Florence, KY – Thursday, October 30th (Featuring Exclusive Speaker: Nevin Essex – Wiley Kyles – Jim Hoover)

2015 Piano Workshop Schedule
Carolyn Miller – Beavercreek, OH – Tuesday, June 23rd

Dr. Randall Faber – Cincinnati, OH – Tuesday, September 22nd

Eric Baumgartner – Florence, KY and Lexington, KY – Tuesday, July 28th and Wednesday, July 29th

Phillip Keveren – Lexington, KY – Monday, October 26th

2014 Previous Piano Workshops:

Nancy Bachus – Florence, KY

Carolyn Miller – Cincinnati, OH

2013 Previous Piano Workshops:

Dennis Alexander – Cincinnati

Dennis Alexander – Lexington

Randall Faber – Lexington

Randall Faber – Florence

Phillip Keveren – Louisville

2012 Previous Piano Workshops:

Phillip Keveren

Eric Baumgartner

Carolyn Miller

Glenda Austin

E.L. Lancaster – Cincinnati

E.L. Lancaster – Lexington

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  1. Kunat
    Kunat says:

    Awesome guitar lsosens!? Hey just a shout out if you are? also into DRUMS posted a handful of absolute beginner through intermediate lsosens on my channel. Clear? breakdowns. Beats, fills, rudiments, reading Check them out! Thank you!

    • Brian Watson
      Brian Watson says:

      Thank you! The RSS feed is the red button at the bottom of this post or at the top right corner of the page.

      • Hamid
        Hamid says:

        glad i found your videos? need to get back on my gutiar i got in november 2010 work kinda took over plus my hands being petete does hurt my wrist when reaching round to the higher string of the neck :s

    • Gabrielly
      Gabrielly says:

      Hey guys, this guy has his own website now. I staterd taking his lessons a cpl weeks ago. Awesome.. Tons of videos.. and all in order ? google search center stage guitar academy


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