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2016 Piano Workshop Schedule

Carolyn Miller – Lexington, KY – Tuesday, June 28th

Glenda Austin – Florence, KY – Wednesday, July 13th

Randall Hartsell – Cincinnati, OH – Wednesday, July 27th

Piano Educators Workshop – Florence, KY – Thursday, October 30th (Featuring Exclusive Speaker: Nevin Essex – Wiley Kyles – Jim Hoover)

2015 Piano Workshop Schedule
Carolyn Miller – Beavercreek, OH – Tuesday, June 23rd

Dr. Randall Faber – Cincinnati, OH – Tuesday, September 22nd

Eric Baumgartner – Florence, KY and Lexington, KY – Tuesday, July 28th and Wednesday, July 29th

Phillip Keveren – Lexington, KY – Monday, October 26th

2014 Previous Piano Workshops:

Nancy Bachus – Florence, KY

Carolyn Miller – Cincinnati, OH

2013 Previous Piano Workshops:

Dennis Alexander – Cincinnati

Dennis Alexander – Lexington

Randall Faber – Lexington

Randall Faber – Florence

Phillip Keveren – Louisville

2012 Previous Piano Workshops:

Phillip Keveren

Eric Baumgartner

Carolyn Miller

Glenda Austin

E.L. Lancaster – Cincinnati

E.L. Lancaster – Lexington