Pearl River UP108-D3

Year: 2000 Finish: Polished Ebony Case Style: upright Location: Florence

Price: $3,000

This gorgeous Pearl River UP-108D3 euro style piano has balanced action from bass to treble, an excellent response to player’s touch and a great looking finish. Euro style pianos, including Pearl River brand, are often found in music studios (for recording); in venues (for artists); in rehearsal spaces (student/professional); and classroom (Universities/Colleges). Euro Style pianos generally pack a lot of punch because of the larger than spinet size, smaller than console furniture pianos; they are like a bare bones performing instrument without much ornamentation or decoration. The simple aesthetic design reinforces the instruments essentials: Frame; soundboard; solid key-bed and keys; excellent action; reinforced back; frame and polished ebony cover. It is perfectly balanced, even without the space taking “front legs” of a normal upright piano.

This recent trade in can be experienced at the Willis Music Florence store. Call (859) 525-6050.

This piano is at the Florence location for more details please call 859-525-6050 or request more information.