Steinway Model B (Satin Walnut) Pre-owned front view with bench

Steinway B

Year: 1972 Finish: Walnut Satin Case Style: Concert Grand Location: Florence

Price: $45,000

This magnificent 6′ 11″ (211 cm) grand piano is often referred to by pianists as “the perfect piano.” It is a wonderfully balanced and versatile instrument that does extremely well in refined homes, teaching studios, and mid-sized venues.

The Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano, currently dubbed a ‘music room grand’ by Steinway & Sons, measures 6’11” in length. The Steinway Model B is often called “the perfect piano” and for good reason. It is considered a near perfect blend of size, power and overall versatility making this instrument a solid choice for anywhere from an intimate setting, a teaching studio or a huge concert venue. Larger than a Model S, M, L, or A, Model B grand pianos command a powerful presence. Introduced in 1878, these pianos have been in constant production at both the New York and Hamburg Steinway Factories. The first Model B Grands were based on its direct ancestor the Monitor Grand [AKA the Style 1.]

William Steinway in a letter to dealers noted the new Model B’s ‘improved interior construction.” Time has proven him correct. Featuring a deep, robust bass section and a clear, bell-like overall tone, these pianos are sure to be the musical centerpiece of any room it is placed within.

A consistent favorite of professional pianists, Steinway Model B Grand Pianos are commonly chosen as their preferred home practice pianos due to their clear and beautiful tone and responsive touch. Weighing an impressive 760 pounds these pianos boast a large soundboard area for a full, powerful sound – yet they do not take up as much room as a larger Semi-Concert C or Concert Model D. This accommodates your space, yet refuses to compromise on the advantages of playing a larger piano. For those looking for a truly grand piano for home, recording studio, serious practice or your professional venue, the Model B may just be ‘the perfect piano.’  For a closer look, set a piano appointment call (859) 525-6050 ext: 5003.

This piano is at the Florence location for more details please call 859-525-6050 or request more information.