black grand piano with lid and key cover open and bench in front

Steinway M

Year: 1929 Finish: Black Lacquer Case Style: Location: Kenwood

Price: 35000

This Steinway Model M has been rebuilt and brought back to life!  Only Steinway parts are used in our rebuilt Steinways, keeping it a true Steinway and not a Stein-WAS!

This grand model, is 5’7″ and is perfect for most homes.  The classic black lacquer finish is absolutely timeless!

This piano is less than half the price of a new Model M.

The piano has been tuned and tech’d upon arrival, and can be sold confidently to anyone ready for the laudation of owning a timeless, American Steinway Piano.

This piano is at the Kenwood location for more details please call 513-252-0445 or request more information.