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Willis Music has been talking and teaching piano since they began in 1899.   Shopping for your piano with Willis Music gives you access to a team of trained consultants that can help you find the perfect piano.  We can show you a full range of pianos for every level of student or professional.  Come and visit our piano showrooms at a location near you.


Willis Music has been talking and teaching piano since they began in 1899.   Shopping for your piano with Willis Music gives you access to a team of trained consultants that can help you find the perfect piano.  We can show you a full range of pianos for every level of student or professional.  Come and visit our piano showrooms at a location near you.

Steinway & Sons

Simply the best piano made today.  The production of a Steinway grand piano takes about 12 months.  If you add two years of drying and seasoning of the wood, three years have been invested and the instrument can leave the factories in New York and Hamburg to bring joy to you as the new owner.  Throughout the manufacturing process, every grand and upright piano is meticulously hand-crafted.  The challenge is to make each instrument perfect in its own special way – a perfect Steinway.

You can choose between six grand piano models which meet every demand. Each model, no matter whether it’s the small baby grand or the concert grand piano – our largest model – is manufactured according to the same standards to offer just the same: the inimitable Steinway sound.

Available in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky.


With over a century’s worth of experience manufacturing world-class acoustic pianos and over a half-century in Hi-Fi audio and electronic instruments, only Yamaha can offer such a range of Acoustic Pianos, Pro Stage Pianos and Industry-Standard Synthesizer Workstations to consumer Portable Keyboards and Digital Pianos. Only Yamaha can offer an instrument for musicians at every level.

Willis Music and Yamaha are no strangers to partnership. Both have served music enthusiasts and professionals since the late 1800’s and have been partners for over 40 years. As of January 2016 they joined together again with their keyboard divisions to ensure that customers across Kentucky would receive the level of service and care that both companies strive for. Yamaha’s level of craftsmanship matched with the education, experience, and service of Willis Music have now joined forces to give the best to customers in the Commonwealth. We look forward to the future together with Yamaha and are excited to add one more opportunity for our customers to enjoy.

Available in Lexington.


Responsiveness. Precision. Intuitive grace. A superior musical instrument can be recognized by the degree to which it allows the player to express vision without interference — with nothing standing between the fingers and the music in the air.

Such is the experience of playing a Boston. Designed by STEINWAY & SONS, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the name of STEINWAY synonymous with musical excellence, the Boston line of grand and upright pianos represents a singular achievement in instrument building: a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible.

Available in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky.


The entry into the family of STEINWAY–designed pianos, the Essex incorporates STEINWAY & SONS’ latest design specifications and engineering standards, as well as the STEINWAYcommitment to excellence developed over 160 years of quality craftsmanship. Every Essex instrument is inspected by a team of highly experienced STEINWAY & SONS trained technicians before it leaves the factory.

Available in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky.


Yamaha Clavinova Logo

Explore a new world of musical possibilities with Clavinova—more than just great sound.

You’ll hear and feel the difference from the very first notes. Outstanding sound from some of the finest grand pianos ever made, together with authentic touch and sensitive response, ensure that a Clavinova delivers expressive capabilities and a dynamic range that redefines the standard for digital pianos today.

Available in Kentucky.


State-of-the-art digital pianos available in grand, upright, stage, and specialty models.

Roland’s quest to build the ultimate electronic piano started soon after the company was founded in 1972. Back then, much of the technology didn’t exist so we had to invent it. Early highlights included developing Japan’s first all-electronic combo piano, the world’s first touch-sensitive keyboard, and even co-developing the MIDI language that allows all electronic musical instruments to talk to each other. All the while, we have refined the sound and touch to satisfy the stage and practice needs of world-class pianists. We also strive to design pianos that look as good as they sound; from classically-styled grand and upright pianos, to contemporary pianos with a stylish flat-top cabinet or a cutting-edge metallic body. Even though there is no end to mastering the art of piano making, we’re excited to see what lies ahead.

Available in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Kentucky.

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Buying a used piano privately can be a dangerous and costly decision. What appears to be a rare bargain may prove to be a real liability. Unless you are a piano expert, your best assurance is to rely on the judgement of the most experienced dealer in your area with a proven record of integrity and fair dealing. It is unwise to pick up an old piano privately “to get started.” A poor piano offers discouragement to the child and is at best, a questionable investment for the parent.

Here are just a few of the many dangers encountered when a non-expert piano buyer buys a piano privately:

  1. PLATE:  May be cracked or broken which cripples the piano musically and renders it useless.
  2. STRINGS:  Bass strings may be “tired and tubby,” totally devoid of tone.
  3. SOUND BOARD:  May be badly cracked, or worse yet, may have lost crown to become tonally deficient.
  4. RIBS:  May be broken or pulled away from soundboard.
  5. BRIDGES:  May have lost proper bearing, be broken, split or cracked, necessitating a major expense.
  6. TUNING PINS:  May be loose, may have been previously “doped,” may require oversized pins, may require new pin block. Avoid any piano with pins showing evidence of having been pounded.
  7. PIN BLOCK (WREST PLANK):  Pin Block (wrest  plank): May be split and is very costly to repair.  Since this is concealed, experienced judgement is required.
  8. ACTIONS:  May be literally worn out rendering the piano useless.  If rebushing is required, this is very costly.  A complete regulation requires much time of an expert and is expensive if properly done.
  9. HAMMERS:   May be worn out or improperly filed so as to require replacement – another costly repair.
  10. TRAP WORK:  The internal leverage controls of the expression pedals may need complete overhauling.
  11. REFINISHING:  Many people learn to their dismay that refinishing a piano is not a home do-it-yourself project; that it requires much hard work and know-how best left to a skilled craftsman.  Good refinishing work is expensive.

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Meet The Team

Robert Falcon  Robert Falcon in front of a piano.

(513) 252-0445
Cincinnati, OH

Robert Falcon studied music and music education at Texas University – San Marcos (formerly Southwest Texas State University).  His principal instrument is trumpet.  He has also played and studied classical guitar over 30 years.  In the fall of 1982, Robert joined The Willis Music Company, primarily in instrument sales.  He has also maintained his own teaching studio for the last 15 years.  On Sundays morning, you can find him singing tenor or playing guitar with his church choir.  Robert has completed extensive training at Steinway University in New York.  His goal is to help others fulfill their dreams through and in music.

Jessica Thomas Jessica Thomas in front of a piano.

(513) 252-0445
Cincinnati, OH
(859) 525-6050
Florence, KY

Jessica Thomas is a Piano Sales Adviser at Willis Music Kenwood Galleria and a professional flutist.  She holds a Masters in Music degree from Wright State University (’17) and a Bachelors in Music degree from Michigan State University (’15). As a performer, she has attended the Vianden International Chamber Music Festival in Luxembourg and the Pierre Monteux Festival in Hancock, Maine. She has also performed in musicals such as The Sound of Music, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Shrek: The Musical, The Mikado, and The Pirates of Penzance (among others).  Prior to working at Willis Music, Jessica was an Artist-in-Residence at Flute Specialists, Inc. in the Metro Detroit area.

Scotty McEvoy Scotty McEvoy in front of a piano.

(513) 252-0445
Kenwood, OH

Scotty studied Music Education at Northern Kentucky University and Music Performance (Percussion) at Miami University. His musical journey started at age 11 with piano lessons, sparking his interest in all things percussion. He spent over ten years as a music educator and freelance percussionist before joining the Willis Music team. As an educator, his experience spans from middle school to the collegiate level and has taken him with performing groups to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Carnegie Hall, the 2013 Presidential Inauguration, and both the London and Paris New Year’s Day Parades among many other memorable journeys.

Rick Fuchs Rick Fuchs in front of a piano.

(859) 283-6050
Florence, KY

Rick holds a BA degree in Marketing Management. Rick’s life long musical pursues started at a young age with piano lessons, than woodwind instruments and guitar. Rick joined the Willis Management team in 1991 and managed the Tri-County and Florence locations. In his current role as the Director of Steinway Concert and Artist pianos he helps pianists who come to play at the musical venues in the Cincinnati area. Rick has extensive training at the Steinway University in New York.

Dustin Austin Dustin Austin in front of a Piano.

(859) 273-4063
Lexington, KY

Dustin studied music education at Morehead State University. He has studied the piano for 25+ years. His experience with the instrument includes teaching, musical theater, weddings, funerals, parties, selling & serving as a church pianist for nearly two decades. In his opinion, music is a language meant to be shared with everyone. It is extremely important to mold & encourage younger generations to have a passion for the musical arts. Let our staff help spread the joy!

Matthew PowellMathew Powell in front of a piano.

(859) 396-4485
Cincinnati, OH and Lexington, KY

Matthew studied music education and vocal performance at the University of Kentucky. He has played the piano for over 29 years and today teaches and performs locally with many groups including the Cantabile Vocal Ensemble. To him the piano isn’t just an instrument, it is the start of a journey which enhances everyday life. With over 15 years experience Matthew has worked with many different types of customers and institutions helping them generate ideas with a vision to meet their present and future needs.


Piano Rental

Try Before You Buy – Rent a quality acoustic piano for as little as $149.00 a month.

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Spirio in-home EXPERIENCE

Invite the greatest artists to perform at your next gathering.  Spirio is the first high-resolution player piano capable of delivering the nuance and passion of music’s legendary artists’ live performances.  It’s a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship worthy of the Steinway & Sons name and a place in your home.  The perfect place to play it, listen to it and entertain with it.

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Music Educator’s Partnership

Imagine a collaboration between Willis Music and the region’s music educators offering the resources to take a students’ education to the next level. Welcome to the Music Educator’s Partnership (MEP). This program of unique benefits offers recital space access, marketing tools, ongoing education opportunities, among other professional resources.

We envision a partnership that will enhance and maintain the superior standards of excellence that set you apart in your field. We believe that we can be your ideal partner. Willis Music has been a trusted name in music since our founding in 1899. We have joined forces with iconic brands in the music industry. We know this uncompromising standard to quality and excellence works in harmony with your philosophy of teaching. Together we represent the highest level of quality and value.

The Music Educator’s Partnership is a philosophy, process and mechanism to inspire interaction and to offer ideal professional resources for you and your students.

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Music Lessons

Adults who start playing music report a decrease in stress, improvement in memory, and better mood. Since many health issues are related to stress, adults who play music enjoy better overall health. Eighty-five percent of adults wish they would have learned to play a musical instrument. If that’s you, please know that it’s never too late to start!

Your song starts here.

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John Thompson Recital Halls

The John Thompson Recital Halls are Willis Music’s premier space to connect music lovers and enthusiasts of all ages. With seating capacity of 75 – 180 people (depending on the location), these multi-functional spaces come equipped with Steinway or other top name grand pianos, and  multi-channel mixing boards matched with Yamaha and QSC speaker systems. Add the lighting expertise of Chauvet and you are guaranteed to have the best performance experience imaginable. We can move in anything from our store to accommodate almost any need. Acoustically and aesthetically, our facilities encompass our core values of enriching customer’s lives through music. These spaces are currently available at our FlorenceKenwood and Lexington locations. Reserve these spaces at no cost by contacting any of our store managers.

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The Physical and mental benefits of playing music have long been recognized. The piano, in particular, has been an unparalleled outlet for those seeking escape, creative expression, and simply fun and joy. Recent years have only seen more evidence of the benefits of piano come to light, linking music making to a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy life.


Even though you’re sitting down, playing the piano is a workout all its own, and offers different physical and physiological advantages to players of all ages. For instance, regular piano playing sharpens fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination in the young and developing. Research has shown that piano lessons for older adults have a significant impact on increased levels of  Human Growth Hormone, which slows the adverse effects of aging. Bringing music into your life is also proven to reduce anxiety, heart and respiratory rates, cardiac complications, and to lower blood pressure and increase immune response.


Piano practice also boosts cognitive and intellectual abilities, which is to say it makes you smarter and activates similar parts of the brain used in spatial reasoning and math. Studying piano has also been shown to amazingly improve memory — particularly verbal memory — and build good habits like focus and perseverance, diligence and creativity. Children who had a few years of piano study under their belts could remember twenty percent more vocabulary words than their peers. And childhood musicians are better equipped later in life to retain information from speeches and lectures. Playing piano has been shown to increase spatial-temporal ability, which figures heavily in math, science and engineering. Regular music practice at an early age can even make structural changes to the brain that stay with you for the rest of your life, making your brain more efficient both while playing and in extra-musical endeavors.

Children who had a few years of piano study under their belts could remember twenty percent more vocabulary words than their peers.


Studies show that time spent at the keyboard improves mental health: people who make music experience less anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Playing piano has also been shown to be a great source of stress relief, and provides ample opportunities to bolster self-esteem. It is also a widely used form of therapy for Attention Deficit Disorder.


Playing the piano offers a plethora of health benefits that will supplement every part of your life. And that doesn’t even begin to consider the deep cultural network and historical tradition that you join as a piano player and owner. For two hundred years, the piano has been a staple of the home, bringing together families and friends and strengthening communities with the power of music: bring a piano into your home today.

Willis Music can do more than just help you find the perfect piano. We can guide you to the perfect piano teacher for your needs.

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