Willis Music Proudly Presents Rocktober Savings Event Oct 12 through Oct 15, 2016. Win Free Tickets to see 5 Finger Death Punch and Shinedown at US Bank Arena Thurs Nov 17th
5 Finger Death Punch, Shinedown

See your favorite artists live!

Register to win a pair of tickets to 5-Finger Death Punch/Shinedown Nov. 17 @ US Bank Arena. One entry for every $50 spent.

Save big on guitars at Rocktober

Rockin’ Specials

Here at the Rocktober Savings Event, we have incredible discounts on your favorite guitar-related products like never before! With EVERY major purchase you get FREE stuff! View below for a full list of our Rocktober sales and freebies:

    • FREE strap with every guitar purchase
    • ALL heads & cabs, 7/8 string guitars, 5/6 string basses + 10% OFF
    • Fender American Standard guitars now reduced $200.00. Discontinued Mexican Deluxe series at +10%
    • ALL LTD guitars + 10%
    • ALL guitar straps 50% OFF
    • ALL cymbals at 55% OFF
    • Any 2 pedals get a One Spot + MC-5 FREE
    • TAB/Metal books @ 25% OFF
    • D’Addario EXL 110/115 /120-4P @ $11.96 ($2.99 / set!)
    • All brands of drumsticks and drumheads + 10% OFF

Air Guitar Contest

Air Guitar Contest

Do you have mad shredding skills? If the answer is yes, this is your time to prove you’re the best of the best in Willis Music Florence’s Air Guitar Contest!

Contest begins Saturday Oct 15th at 12:00 PM, Willis Music Florence. Judges: Wildman Walker & Bob Sadler from Class-X radio. Grand Prizes include:

    • Ibanez electric guitar
    • Blackstar Fly amp
    • D’Addario prize package

Below are participant rules and regulations. For more information or any questions, contact Denise Burkhardt (859)525-6050 ext 5 or deniseb@willismusic.com

  • Each participant has to play air guitar on stage lasting for 1 minute or more.
    • Participant plays a selection of their own choosing.
    • Round 2: This is only if a tie breaker is needed and the contestants in the tie will repeat their performances from round 1 and through audience participation a winner will be chosen.
  • Participant plays alone; backing bands, either with real or air instruments are not allowed; roadies and groupies are allowed to make up some image, but they have to leave the stage before performance.
  • Participant has to play air guitar (i.e. air drums, piano and other instruments are not allowed). Air guitar can be acoustic, electric or both.
  • Generally, there is no dress code and participant is encouraged to use any clothing and props that would add character and make the performance more interesting. However, any real musical equipment or crew (instruments, amplifiers, effect pedals, backing band members, etc) are strictly forbidden.
  • The Judge uses a 10 point system: there are several criteria, the judge must give the contestant a score from 1 to 10 on each of the criteria. All scores are summed up. The contestant with maximal score wins.
  • The criteria may vary, but usually the following is accounted:
    • Technical merit: how much the performance looks like the real playing, including accurate reproduction of all fretwork, chords, solos and technical moves.
    • Stage presence: a charisma of rock star, the ability to rock, lack of stage fright and power to drive thousands of listeners; involves doing guitar moves and other emotional demonstrations.
    • Airness: the most subjective criterion, as “presentation” in figure skating — how much the performance was an object of art by itself, not only a simulation of playing guitar.
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