Sacred, Soaring & Sublime
Photo credit: Jaime Koller Photography

A Night of Choral Music

On the eve of Wednesday October 26th, the Young Professional Choral Collective (YPCC) had their concert: Sacred, Soaring & Sublime. The wondrous beauty of Old St. Mary’s Church in Over-the-Rhine provided the perfect space to reflect and revel in beautiful music. YPCC partnered with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra‘s Classical Roots Choral Ensemble, as close to 200 singers join their voices to create music that is joyful, serene, and spiritual. The intricate beauty and nuance was felt in the diverse sacred hymns, chants, and gospel tunes.

Interview with YPCC
Member Nick Peltz

Q: What was your favorite song and/or moment of the night and why?

A: My favorite moment and song was when we sang skyfall in choir practice once at the Lutheran church and it was just perfect. The way the sound filled the room gave me chills, it was a really beautiful moment that still makes me smile. Another fond memory was our gala from last year where we sang bohemian rhapsody. The energy in the room was electric and all our hard work finally paid off I felt. It was a defining moment to a fantastic cycle!

Q: How was this concert different from previous concerts YPCC have performed?

A: Our music most consisted of religious inspired songs due to our venue. In the beginning I was so worried it would turn off the new members but I can honestly say it was one of our best sounding concerts to date. I really enjoyed singing alongside Classical roots, their energy and dynamic sound helped YPCC develop a new richer sound and feel.




Q: Why should someone who’s never seen YPCC before check out one of your concerts?

A: We are a new kind of choir. One that brings so many diverse people together and with our combined love of music we practice and create something truly beautiful, our concerts. We want to inspire all generations to be passionate about the arts and choral music!

Q: What does YPCC mean to you?

A: YPCC means family to me. These people are very special to me and over each cycle I have met more and more fantastic people who I now consider great friends. It can be hard to make friends and concert as an adult due to everyone’s busy lives, but this creates a beautiful space for all types of people to come together for one purpose, to sing their hearts out.

About YPCC

“The Young Professionals’ Choral Collective of Cincinnati (YPCC) believes in creating connections through choral music. The choir was formed at Below Zero Lounge in OTR in November 2011 and is now made up of a roster with over 500 volunteer singers who live and work throughout greater Cincinnati, ranging in age from 21 – 45. Under the direction of Artistic Director KellyAnn Nelson, YPCC has quickly found a niche in the vibrant arts community of downtown Cincinnati.”

Young Professional Choral Collective
Fas & Las

Fa’s & La’s

Join YPCC for Fa’s and La’s, as they sing some of your favorite Christmas carols! Come on down to Below Zero Lounge and sing along with them! Tuesday, December 13, 7:30 PM Concert (6:30 Happy Hour). It will be a night you won’t want to miss!