Steinway Heirloom Quality Pianos


If it doesn’t have 12,116 genuine Steinway parts, it isn’t a Steinway.

There are 12,116 genuine Steinway parts that make up a Steinway piano, and unfortunately for those who have their Steinway pianos restored outside of the Steinway Restoration Center, there are nearly as many imitation parts that are used in the name of cutting corners and saving money. At Steinway, the love of their instruments and their guiding principle of building to a standard, not a price, means that every one of their parts must answer to the same demand of quality that comes with the Steinway name. If you are in the market for a restored Steinway piano, the only way to ensure that 100% genuine Steinway parts and methodology are being used is to purchase a Steinway Heirloom Piano restored at the Steinway Restoration Center. Some parts, such as the proprietary Steinway soundboard, simply put, are not available to other piano restoration companies or individuals. In other cases, Steinway parts are available, but restoration companies will opt for cheaper imitation parts – often claiming that they are somehow superior to the genuine Steinway parts.

A Steinway is not only a piece of stunning beauty that sounds like no other piano, it is also a sound investment. If you purchased a restored Steinway piano and don’t receive a certificate that guarantees the piano has been restored with 100% genuine Steinway parts and methodology, the value of the instrument is compromised. Each and every Steinway Heirloom piano restored at the Steinway factory receives a certificate that guarantees the piano has been restored with the uncompromising Steinway standards using 100% genuine Steinway parts. Nobody else can make that guarantee. If they tell you they can, ask them to put it in writing. If you purchase a restored Steinway piano somewhere else because of a lower cost estimate, any savings realized initially through use of cheaper, non-Steinway parts or methodology will be lost due to the diminished long-term value of the instrument.