Gibson and Willis Together Again.

One of the most asked questions we get when someone wonders into our guitar departments over the last 10 to 15 years is:  Where are your Gibsons?  Do you have Epiphone?  Sadly for a long time, for a variety of reasons, that answer was no.  But no more.  Willis proudly announces that we now again carry Gibson and Epiphone.  Guitars are trickling in to our stores, and special orders are being taken.

Gibson guitar designs have survived 125 years of changing musical tastes and fashion to remain a uniquely iconic part of Americana and world culture. From acoustic guitars at the turn of the 20th century, hollowbody and archtop instruments from the golden age of Big Band and Jazz, to the Rock n’ Roll revolution of the 1950’s and beyond, Gibson guitars have remained arguably the most copied designs of ANY instrument manufacturer. Imitated but never equaled!

The Les Paul pictured below is a 60th Anniversary Custom Shop ’59 VOS (Vintage Old Stock).  Made to the specs of the fabled ’59 Les Paul that sells for seven figures on the vintage marked.  It’s one of the finest pieces I’ve seen ever come out of Gibson.  All the new models have been virtually perfect so far.  Gibson has put a new stringent emphasis on quality control down to replacing every light bulb and fixture in the factory to purchasing 8 Pleck machines.  Every single Gibson branded instrument is now run through this machine that perfectly dresses the frets and makes sure every fretboard is perfect.  It really shows.

Stop in or call and make an appointment with a Willis Music sales associate today to experience some Gibson magic. Whether you’re ready for your first Gibson/Epiphone upgrade, add to your collection, or order a unique Custom Shop piece, Willis Music is here to assist in your selection of a fine Gibson guitar-a lifetime investment in enjoyment and inspiration!



The New Ortega Horsekick Pro

New at Willis and Moeller Music is the New Ortega Horsekick Pro!  This is a great accessory for just about any musician.  Solo acoustic player?  Add hands free kick drum, tambourine, cajon, cowbell, or casaba to your song.  Great for percussionist also.  Bassist can also benefit as you’ll see in the video below.  Stop by and check one out today!

DIGITAL STOMP BOX with multiple built-in digital samples of percussion sounds that can be played on its own, as a percussive instrument, or blended with your stringed instrument signal through the output.

New Acoustic Gig Tools

Have an acoustic gig at a coffee house this weekend?  Having people over and playing on your deck? Playing small venue acoustic gigs has never been easier.  We have several new acoustic gig tools to add to your box to make you sound even better.


The TC Helicon Play Acoustic

Play Acoustic combines all the things you need to make a live acoustic performance shine: lavish vocal sounds, perfect backing harmonies, best-selling guitar effects, and unique processing that makes your six-string sing – in perfect harmony with your voice.

Professional vocal effects and tone
Natural sounding vocal harmonies guided by your guitar
Guitar FX styles from TC Electronic®
BodyRez™ Filtering and Onboard EQ and DI for impeccable acoustic guitar tone


Fender Acoustic Pro and Acoustic SFX

Acoustic Pro

Offering a sonic experience like no other, Acoustic Pro amplifiers are true “audiophile amps,” delivering superior live sound with studio-quality effects. Along with a flexible pro feature set, Acoustic Pro offers high-grade components and technology, pure Fender tradition and expert sonic imaging—allowing every note to be naturally and painstakingly replicated, letting your acoustic personality shine.


200-watt 12″ combo amplifier ideal for solo performers or acoustic duos
Two channels for instruments or microphones
Onboard hall reverb and tone controls with sweepable midrange
Integrated tilt-back kickstand easily converts the amp into a stage monitor
Includes deluxe fitted cover; optional two-button footswitch for reverb bypass


Acoustic SFX

For the discerning player in search of an eye-catching piece of acoustic architecture, the Acoustic SFX offers state-of-the-art technology for a lush sonic experience unlike any other. The ultimate solution for acoustic players, the lightweight design and portability suit anyone looking for a grab-and-go rig for small venues, offering a pleasing sound image to people located all throughout the room.


Two-channel 160-watt (2x80W) stereo combo amplifier; ¼”-XLR combo jacks
Adjustable SFX® technology creates lush, room-filling sound
Onboard studio-quality effects include hall reverb, echo, delay, chorus and Vibratone
Tempo-sync all effects with two quick taps
Includes fitted cover; add optional two-button footswitch for per-channel effect bypass

The AER Compact 60/3

The ultimate in pure, natural acoustic tone.  The amp of choice for Tommy Emanuel and Eric Johnson.
The AER Compact 60/3 has proven that there is an all-round, small, powerful and yet simple to use complete solution for stage, studio and home use that works up to the highest demands and standards of acoustic players.
60 watts, dynamic control
8” (200 mm) twin cone speaker twin channel, 3 and 2 band EQ
Digital effect processor with 4 presets
(2 x reverb/delay/chorus)
14.30 lbs


Stop in you local Willis or Moeller Music today and check out these great tools and many others!

Alternate Tuning Made Easy

In the scheme of things, tuning your guitar is pretty easy. But what about all those cool sounds from classic rock, jazz, folk and bluegrass that you seem to be unable to find? If you’re struggling to stretch your fingers across the neck in a musical game of Twister, these cool tunings might make your life a lot easier!

Name Notes in Tuning
Standard e1 a1 d2 g2 b2 e3
Drop D d1 a1 d2 g2 b2 e3
Half Step Down d#1 g#1 c#2 f#2 a#2 d#3
Full Step Down d1 g1 c2 f2 a2 d3
1 and 1/2 Steps Down c#1 f#1 b1 e2 g#2 c#3
Double Drop D d1 a1 d2 g2 b2 d3
Drop C c1 g1 c2 f2 a2 d3
Drop C# c#1 g#1 c#2 f#2 a#2 d#3
Drop B b0 f#1 b1 e2 g#2 c#3
Drop A# a#0 f1 a#1 d#2 g2 c3
Drop A a0 e1 a1 d2 f#2 b2
Open D d1 a1 d2 f#2 a2 d3
Open D Minor d1 a1 d2 f2 a2 d3
Open G d1 g1 d2 g2 b2 d3
Open G Minor d1 g1 d2 g2 a#2 d3
Open C c1 g1 c2 g2 c3 e3
Open C# c#1 f#1 b2 e2 g#2 c#3
Open C Minor c1 g1 c2 g2 c3 d#3
Open E7 e1 g#1 d2 e2 b2 e3
Open E Minor7 e1 b1 d2 g2 b2 e3
Open G Major7 d1 g1 d2 f#2 b2 d3
Open A Minor e1 a1 e2 a2 c3 e3
Open A Minor7 e1 a1 e2 g2 c3 e3
Open E e1 b1 e2 g#2 b2 e3
Open A e1 a1 c#2 e2 a2 e3
C Tuning c1 f1 a#1 d#2 g2 c3
C# Tuning c#1 f#1 b1 e2 g#2 c#3
Bb Tuning a#0 d#1 g#1 c#2 f2 a#2
A to A (Baritone) a0 d1 g1 c2 e2 a2
D A D D D D d1 a1 d2 d2 d3 d3
C G D G B D c1 g1 d2 g2 b2 d3
C G D G B E c1 g1 d2 g2 b2 e3
D A D E A D d1 a1 d2 e2 a2 d3
D G D G A D d1 g1 d2 g2 a2 d3

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Deal of the Day!

deal 3-7

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Tri County Willis Music MOVING!!!!!!!

Moving Pic


That’s right folks!  We are moving to newly acquired Moeller Music store in West Chester!!
But- we have TONS of stuff that we would rather sell than truck over there!
Our last day in Tri County Mall is Jan. 6th, so stop in, and find a GREAT deal on that thing you have been wanting for a long time!

Special discounts throughout the store, print music, drums, keyboards, guitars, amps, straps, sticks, strings, new and used brass and woodwind instruments!

On a side note: I just want to thank everyone who has shopped with us!  Whether you have been with us for several years, or just recently found us in our corner of the mall, I do truly mean it when I say THANK YOU.  I hope I can continue serving and helping you in your musical efforts, and you should never hesitate to ask me for any help or assistance you might need.  It’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and I hope we see each other soon!  -Kevin Schwallie, Manager Willis Music Tri County.