March Cincinnati Band of the Month


Misnomer was born in basements. Originally from the northern suburbs of Cincinnati, Misnomer is a band full of interesting individuals that set out to break down the conventional boundaries of popular music. By implementing various influences and styles, Misnomer offers a familiar sound that exists within the paradox of “contemporary” versus “classic”.  They refuse to recycle, yet retain a sense of familiarity and freshness. The music that is produced by their individualistic, non-generic format has the effect of making an audience want to shake their booties, bang their heads, and groove with euphoric melancholy, through a sound that has never reached ears before.

In the early years of the band, Randy Clark (drummer) and Kyler Davis (guitar/vocals) formed a strong relationship based solely around a mutual love for the art, craft, and expression of music. After developing their abilities further, they decided to recruit Dominic Franco (bassist) to the line-up. As a 3-piece, they established themselves and developed an identity through their interesting and unique sound and approach. Misnomer added the fourth member, Logan Brown (multi-instrumentalist), after collaborating with him to independently record and release their first full length album.

Misnomer has played in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and Northern Kentucky circuit for roughly 4 years. After finally picking up momentum, they decided to release their first full-length album in early 2016, which will be followed by an extensive tour in the summer.

Now that you have met the band, go check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, anywhere you can find them online! Come in to Willis at Moeller Music West Chester and show an associate that you “Liked” their music page on Facebook and receive discounts!

Misnomer keeps their fans updated with the latest news, music, merchandise, promotions and whatever through various social media accounts.

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Hip Hop Dance Class @ Willis Music Louisville!

hip hop

Been wanting to get a little more fit as the warm weather rolls along? Maybe you’ve been itching to learn that new dance you’re seeing everyone do at the club. Maybe you just want some great exercise that is fun and keeps you interested. These are just 3 reasons you’re gonna love the new Hip Hop dance class we’ve started at Willis Music on Hurstbourne Pkwy. Instructor Deveron Woodson has smooth moves, big grooves & the experience to get your feet doing exactly what it takes to put you on the dance floor fast. Not only will you be learning great steps, you’ll be getting terrific exercise in an environment that’s stress-free. Classes begin July 10, and are every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm-7:30pm following. Each class is only $5 and there’s no contract or membership fees to deal with.

What are you waiting on… get moving & in better shape now!

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