Alternate Tuning Made Easy

In the scheme of things, tuning your guitar is pretty easy. But what about all those cool sounds from classic rock, jazz, folk and bluegrass that you seem to be unable to find? If you’re struggling to stretch your fingers across the neck in a musical game of Twister, these cool tunings might make your life a lot easier!

NameNotes in Tuning
Drop Dd1a1d2g2b2e3
Half Step Downd#1g#1c#2f#2a#2d#3
Full Step Downd1g1c2f2a2d3
1 and 1/2 Steps Downc#1f#1b1e2g#2c#3
Double Drop Dd1a1d2g2b2d3
Drop Cc1g1c2f2a2d3
Drop C#c#1g#1c#2f#2a#2d#3
Drop Bb0f#1b1e2g#2c#3
Drop A#a#0f1a#1d#2g2c3
Drop Aa0e1a1d2f#2b2
Open Dd1a1d2f#2a2d3
Open D Minord1a1d2f2a2d3
Open Gd1g1d2g2b2d3
Open G Minord1g1d2g2a#2d3
Open Cc1g1c2g2c3e3
Open C#c#1f#1b2e2g#2c#3
Open C Minorc1g1c2g2c3d#3
Open E7e1g#1d2e2b2e3
Open E Minor7e1b1d2g2b2e3
Open G Major7d1g1d2f#2b2d3
Open A Minore1a1e2a2c3e3
Open A Minor7e1a1e2g2c3e3
Open Ee1b1e2g#2b2e3
Open Ae1a1c#2e2a2e3
C Tuningc1f1a#1d#2g2c3
C# Tuningc#1f#1b1e2g#2c#3
Bb Tuninga#0d#1g#1c#2f2a#2
A to A (Baritone)a0d1g1c2e2a2
D A D D D Dd1a1d2d2d3d3
C G D G B Dc1g1d2g2b2d3
C G D G B Ec1g1d2g2b2e3
D A D E A Dd1a1d2e2a2d3
D G D G A Dd1g1d2g2a2d3

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Neal Schon’s Custom Fender Strat


Sammy Hagar and Neal Schon of Journey have a very long friendship, and the two reunited for Sammy’s newest CD, “Sammy Hagar & Friends”. Neal’s guitar is all over the cover of “Personal Jesus”, and his new custom Fenders are all over the video. Click the pic to watch.

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Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Musicians work hard, but they enjoy a great laugh as much as anyone. Below are some player-friendy jokes sure to bring a smile or two.

A young child says to his mother, “Mom, when I grow up I’d like to be a musician.” She replies, “Well honey, you know you can’t do both.”

Q: How do you make musicians complain?
A: Pay them.
Q: What’s the difference between a banjo and an onion?
A: Nobody cries when you chop up a banjo.

Q: What did the drummer get on his I.Q. Test?
A: Saliva.

Q: What do call a guitar player without a girlfriend?
A: Homeless.

Q: What is another term for trombone?
A: A wind driven, manually operated, pitch approximator.

Q: What do you call a guitar player that only knows two chords?
A: A music critic

Q: How many guitar players does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: 13 – one to do it, and twelve to stand around and say, “Phhhwt! I can do that!”

Tuba Player: “Did you hear my last recital?”
Friend: “I hope so.”

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Great Video of Glass Breaking by Voice!


Some hairbands of the 80′s may have sounded like they were breaking glass with their voices, but the TV show Mythbusters has shown everyone how to do it with a lot less spandex!

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Deal of the Day!

deal 3-7

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Shred Fest 2013 Recap & Showdown Video



We’re all about giving musicians some glory here at Willis Music, and one of our most popular annual events is Shred Fest. This year we had 21 guitarists post 60 second videos of themselves “shredding”. The top 7 with the most “likes” came into our store on September 28, were split into 2 groups and played live in our auditorium for a packed house of guitar worshipers. Judging for this portion of the contest was done by 2012 Shred Fest winner Chris Alia and Louisville musician and educator, Brian White. The winners from those groups, Monte Phillips and Cheyenne Powell,  then went head-to-head against each other in hopes of winning a brand new B.C. Rich Flying V guitar. Judging for this portion of the event was based entirely on audience response. At the end of a spectacular guitar battle, Cheyenne Powell of local band Overload walked away the winner. Thanks very much to everyone who played, voted and came out to support musicians who’ve worked incredibly hard on their abilities. 2014′s Shred Fest will be the first to feature a backing track entry video, so start prepping now!


The final 7 left to right are:

Sean Cook, Monte Phillips, Ryan Preston, Cody Weigleb, Garrett Morton, Mark Doss, Cheyenne Powell


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Cymbal Vote 2013 is Coming!

vote 2

What is cymbal vote???

Cymbal Vote allows drummers from around the world to determine what new models SABIAN will introduce in 2014. SABIAN has long been known for its innovation in cymbals, and frankly, each year we develop more cool new ideas than we can introduce as new products in a single year. So we decided to let you decide! These drummers get to hear cymbals never seen before and comment on how each performs; could be improved or what they love about it.

Want to hear these cymbals for yourself? A limited number of Cymbal Vote Tour stops have been scheduled around the world. Willis Music in Louisville is proud to have been asked to participate in this; join us Saturday, October 12 at Noon to be a part of this!

The votes from drummers from around the world will decide which 4 cymbals become the new models for 2014 and get to wear the Cymbal Vote crown. The winners will be announced at the NAMM show in January and available in local retail stores soon after that.

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Hip Hop Dance Class @ Willis Music Louisville!

hip hop

Been wanting to get a little more fit as the warm weather rolls along? Maybe you’ve been itching to learn that new dance you’re seeing everyone do at the club. Maybe you just want some great exercise that is fun and keeps you interested. These are just 3 reasons you’re gonna love the new Hip Hop dance class we’ve started at Willis Music on Hurstbourne Pkwy. Instructor Deveron Woodson has smooth moves, big grooves & the experience to get your feet doing exactly what it takes to put you on the dance floor fast. Not only will you be learning great steps, you’ll be getting terrific exercise in an environment that’s stress-free. Classes begin July 10, and are every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm-7:30pm following. Each class is only $5 and there’s no contract or membership fees to deal with.

What are you waiting on… get moving & in better shape now!

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Happy 5th Year Aaron!

aaron 3

July 1st marks 5 years at Willis Music for the kingpin…. Aaron “Vinny” Flick! From his humble beginnings at the Jefferson Mall store to his current home at our Hurstbourne location, Louisville musicians have benefited greatly by Aaron’s honesty and attention to detail. Drop by or give him a call to congratulate him today!

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Meet The Mesa/Boogie Rep May 1st!


Mesa/Boogie are without question the cream of custom built amplifiers. The variety of tones, options and details available from a Mesa amp are the realizations of the dreams guitarists have. May 1, we’re very pleased to welcome Shawn Farbman from Mesa/Boogie to the store for a one-on-one visit. Here’s your chance to ask anything from a man who has serious amp knowledge and experience.

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The New Charvels Are Almost Here!

charvel pro mod 2

Hot-rodded for scorching sound and outstanding feel and performance, Charvel’s sleek Pro-Mods feature a one-piece quartersawn maple neck with classic San Dimas® profile, compound-radius fingerboard (12″-16″) with 22 jumbo frets, Seymour Duncan pickups, Charvel tuners and black hardware. The legendary designs that put Wayne Charvel & Grover Jackson on the map changed the way guitars were built. Eddie Van Halen and Jake E. Lee’s Charvels made guitarists re-think their playing, instruments & opened up their imagination. The new Charvel Pro Mods will have the same effect on you! Come feel and hear one for yourself.

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The Sound of Your Art

east violin

Eastman’s violins are works of art you get to hold. The tone makes you want to close your eyes as the music you make takes you to places a car never could. Whether you’re a new musician or seasoned player, an Eastman instrument will improve your playing simply because the stunning attention to every detail makes each violin a singular example of inspiration. You deserve this…  try one today!

Click the pic for a cool violin/guitar jam session video & contact us at 502-426-1818 if you’d like to sign up for violin/fiddle lessons!

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As Close To An Original ’58 As You Can Get!


The 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plain Top VOS guitar begins with a solid mahogany back and carved plain maple top. The one-piece mahogany neck is topped with a gorgeous rosewood fretboard that’s adorned with acrylic trapezoid inlays with shape and color true to the original. Early ’50s rounded neck profile delivers the vintage feel players love. BurstBucker 1 and 2 pickups deliver famous vintage Les Paul tone.

In an effort to jump start the steadily declining sales of the Les Paul model, Gibson abandoned the familiar gold finish and used a translucent, cherry sunburst finish which showed off the figured maple tops that were often used on Les Pauls. The renamed Les Paul Standard made its debut in 1958.

Vintage Original Spec series instruments receive a special nitro-cellulose finish treatment yielding the patina of a gently-aged vintage guitar while handcrafting enhances comfort and playability. Each VOS model has a solid mahogany back; historically accurate long-neck tenon for strength and sustain; and period-correct neck profile, hardware, and electronics.

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