Kenwood August 2017 Events Calendar

Music Therapy With Melodic Connections

Starting at the beginning of the year, we have had the opportunity to work with the wonderful people at Melodic Connections. Melodic Connections DayMelodic Connections is a music therapy program, and they have been having a class in our Kenwood store every week since March. The class is set up as a “Career Module”, helping the students learn what it takes to work in the music business. We have worked on many things from cleaning band instruments, selling pianos, making change, and more.


Over the past few weeks we have been working on something that is really fun- assembling a drum set to put on display at the store!
Melodic Connections putting drum set together


We started out by learning how to put the set together, everything from assembling drum heads to attaching the cymbals. We worked on using teamwork to give each person a specific job, so that the whole group could work together!
Melodic connections
Next, we talked about what it takes to sell the drum set! We all made a sample flyer and price tag and choose from them all to see which one we thought was the best.


Our Kenwood location does not stock drum sets, so that means it was time for a road trip! Melodic Connections arrived at our Eastgate location and got straight to work- loading the drum set into the store, deciding where it should go, putting it together, and placing the price tag. It was a great day! Again, we love working with Melodic Connections- they remind us every week that we work in the best industry around!
Melodic Connections Day

You can check out this cool timelapse video of the students from Melodic Connections from that day!

If you would like to learn more about Melodic Connections and what they do for the community you can visit their website by clicking here!

Willis Music Welcomes Melodic Connections

This past week, something very exciting has begun at our Kenwood location, our partnership with Melodic Connections!

According to their website:

“Melodic Connections provides music therapy services to individuals in Greater Cincinnati through five programs, fulfilling our mission of empowering special learners through low or no cost music therapy-based instruction. We believe Music Therapy is a powerful tool that should be within everyone’s reach.”

To learn more about what Melodic Connections does, click here.

They have started a program called Music Career Module. The Music Career Modules is a day program for adults with developmental disabilities. Participants meet at Willis Music in Kenwood where they will explore careers in music. They will work with Melodic Connection’s staff to practice social and job readiness skills while engaging with Willis Music’s employees who will teach and model their roles in the music industry. We are so excited to be involved in such a rewarding program and can’t wait to see where this program takes all of us in the future.