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October News – Pro Sound & Recording

 MXL Microphones

IC 144 Ribbon Mic

R144 Ribbon Microphone


Ribbon Mic for $99.99… Unbelievable!!!

Incorporating a Figure-8 polar pattern and a 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon, the

R144 Ribbon Mic Closeup

MXL R144offers breathtaking sound for vocal and instrument recordings and is an excellent microphone for broadcast applications. The R144 also performs brilliantly on acoustic instruments, strings, and horns and offers high SPL capability, outstanding side rejection and precise directivity.

  • Perfect for a musician who needs a workhorse ribbon mic
  • Mellow sound with a rich midrange and rolled-off top end
  • Figure-8 polar pattern that captures instruments and room sound
  • High SPL capability—ideal for horns and electric guitars
  • Compact design that makes mic placement easy

Click on the link to sample audio:

SGMXLR144 Retail $159.99… Sells for $99.99


CR 30 MicrophoneCR 30 Mic


Great all around mic for $199.95!

The MXL Cr30 has a small profile body with a sleek black chrome finish. It features a 32mm large diaphragm capsule with a fixed cardioid pattern, and a low

CR 30 Mic Closeup

noise FET preamp with fully balanced transformerless output. In addition it has a 3 position pad (pre attenuation) switch with settings of 0dB, -10dB and -20dB. The Cr30 delivers power and depth to vocals, as well as capturing the clarity and smoothness of instrumental performances. Wired with a Mogami cable, the Cr30’s fidelity and versatility will ensure that it is a favorite in your studio.

  • Selectable -10dB or -20dB pad
  • Delivers a rich and warm tonality
  • Elegant black chrome finish
  • Small body size for easy placement in tight spots

Watch a video here:

SGMXLCR30 Retail $269.95… Sells for $199.95

Both are in stock!

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