2013 Piano Workshops and Clinics

Piano Workshops Are Still in Style!

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Here is our 2013 Piano Clinic Schedule for the Summer and Fall.

Do you like music? Are you interested in the betterment of music education? Would you like to know how to retain and/or gain more students? Are you interested finding out what material is out there and available to you? Did you know that there are methods or supplements for every single student? Are you a teacher constantly starving for more knowledge of your craft? Are you not yourself when you’re hungry?

You will find most of the answers to these questions and many more, exclusively at… PIANO WORKSHOPS.

Piano Workshops (also referred to as Piano Clinics) are a valuable resource to you… the Piano Teacher. At these events you will be regaled with success stories, held in awe with the amount of published material available and edified on new (and old) ways of teaching music. No matter what Methods or Materials you currently use, each workshop is completely unique and you will learn something new. If you have been to one piano workshop, then you know that you have NEVER been to enough.

This year at Willis Music, we have a great line-up of piano clinicians including the Famous and Phenomenal Dennis Alexander, the Amazing and Virtuosic Randall Faber and the Incredible and Entertaining Phillip Keveren!

Click HERE to visit the Piano Workshops Page for the complete listing