Kenwood September Calendar 2017

Willis Music Welcomes Melodic Connections

This past week, something very exciting has begun at our Kenwood location, our partnership with Melodic Connections!

According to their website:

“Melodic Connections provides music therapy services to individuals in Greater Cincinnati through five programs, fulfilling our mission of empowering special learners through low or no cost music therapy-based instruction. We believe Music Therapy is a powerful tool that should be within everyone’s reach.”

To learn more about what Melodic Connections does, click here.

They have started a program called Music Career Module. The Music Career Modules is a day program for adults with developmental disabilities. Participants meet at Willis Music in Kenwood where they will explore careers in music. They will work with Melodic Connection’s staff to practice social and job readiness skills while engaging with Willis Music’s employees who will teach and model their roles in the music industry. We are so excited to be involved in such a rewarding program and can’t wait to see where this program takes all of us in the future.


January Events


Recital at MTNA Headquarters in Cincinnati

My wife Debbi and I were honored to attend a very special event this past Friday in Cincinnati.  Recently, MTNA moved into a beautiful new headquarters in Cincinnati. The offices were most recently occupied by a Cincinnati law firm and are richly decorated.  Gary Ingle (MTNA CEO) and Brian Shepard (MTNA COO) were approached by the landlord to take an additional space at an extremely attractive price.  While not in the original plans, Brian and Gary envisioned a recital hall where pianists could perform and music lovers could enjoy live piano performances.  After securing the room, they approached longtime partners Steinway and Sons, and Willis Music about securing a piano for the space.  Steinway and Sons supplied the piano and Willis took care of the delivery which was a challenge in itself.  Their offices are in the PNC tower which when built in 1913 was the fifth tallest tower in the world.  The only problem with this beautiful historic building is that it doesn’t have freight elevators and the passenger elevators are extremely small.  We carefully measured and determined that we could fit a Steinway and Sons Model S. Regardless of our careful measurement our fingers were crossed on the day of the move and it went off without a hitch.

This inaugural concert was held in conjunction with the MTNA Board of Directors Meeting with board members and friends present.  Steinway Artist and CCM Eminent Scholar, James Tocco performed and certainly showed off all this beautiful piano is capable of.  He entertained everyone in attendance with not only his music but entertaining stories about the music he chose.

Steinway and Sons and Willis Music were pleased to be asked by MTNA to partner in bringing another live music venue to MTNA members and the music community of Greater Cincinnati.


Pictured:  (L to R) Gary Ingle, MTNA; Rebecca Grooms Johnson, MTNA; Kevin Cranley, Willis Music; James Tocco, CCM; Sally Coveleskie, Steinway and Sons; Peter Landgren, CCM; Darren Marshall, Steinway and Sons

December Calendar of Event


Unmatched Value In A Steinway-designed Piano

25th Anniversary Savings

Up to $2,500 Instant Rebate

Make an appointment or just stop in to view and play a Boston Piano:

    • Willis Music Kenwood
      8118 Montgomery Rd.
      Cincinnati, OH 45236
    • Willis Music Florence
      7567 Mall Rd.
      Florence, KY 41042

The Steinway-designed Boston piano is long unrivaled in its class and unmatched in value. Employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the Steinway name synonymous with musical excellence, Boston pianos offer the pedigree of Steinway engineering with the accessibility of a mid-priced piano.

Now, for a limited time, you can save up to $2,500 with an instant rebate on any new Steinway-designed Boston upright or grand piano in stock.* It’s all part of the celebration as we kick off Boston’s 25th Anniversary Year.

*Not applicable with any other offer. Piano must be in stock and purchased by 11/30/2015.


Features of the Boston Piano – Designed by Steinway & Sons

1985 Steinway & Sons Model B

This beautiful 1985 Steinway & Sons Model B (7′) has had one owner and is been meticulously cared for. The previous owner was a concertizing pianist. It has the rich, lush tone in what is the most-popular Steinway model. It has a black hand-rubbed lacquer finish and artist bench. Call or stop in to play this powerful instrument.

1985 Steinway & Sons Model B	 1985 Steinway & Sons Model B

1921 Steinway & Sons Model O $22,000

This 1921 Steinway & Sons Model O is priced well below market value at $22,000. It is ebony satin. This piano was lovingly maintained by its previous owners. It has been reconditioned and has exceptional tone and clarity. Beautiful and strong, it is a Steinway after all. Delivery and Financing available.

1921 Steinway & Sons Model O 1921 Steinway & Sons Model O

The Rare and Beautiful Circassian Walnut

Circassian walnut, originally imported from Asia, is not considered to be one of the finest veneers available in furniture. In the early 20th century Steinway & Sons used this veneer on a select few of their world-class instruments. Steinway Gallery of Cincinnati at Willis Music-Kenwood has the great honor of having one of these fine instruments. A rare find today. This 1908 Steinway & Sons Model B was fully reconditioned while maintaining it’s original craftsmanship. The circassian walnut veneer is present on all visible surfaces of the case. It has a hand-carved music rack and reconditioned original ivory keys. This instrument, while a museum-grade piece, is grandly worthy of the finest musician. Please stop in and speak with our highly-trained Steinway Representatives and experience the rare and beautiful.

The Rare and Beautiful Circassian Walnut  The Rare and Beautiful Circassian WalnutThe Rare and Beautiful Circassian Walnut The Rare and Beautiful Circassian Walnut The Rare and Beautiful Circassian Walnut The Rare and Beautiful Circassian Walnut

Kevin Cranley with Henry Steinway

Magical Moments

I’ve met some interesting and famous people in my life and this one for me was truly magical. Henry Z. Steinway represented to me one of the most honored and outstanding brands the world has ever known. He carried the family name of a product that is universally recognized as the finest, period.

The year was 2007 and while attending the NAMM convention in Anaheim, I had the opportunity to travel to Carlsbad, CA to attend the dedication of the Steinway Gallery at the NAMM Museum of Making Music. (If you are ever in the area, Carlsbad is just north of San Diego and it’s a wonderful museum.) At that meeting I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Henry Z. Steinway. We had a chance to discuss his early days in the business and what being a ‘Steinway’ meant to him. Henry was born in New York in 1915 and while he was the great-grandson of the founder Henry Engelhard Steinway he didn’t necessarily have an interest or desire to enter the family business. He graduated from Harvard College and thought ‘maybe I’ll give this piano thing a try’. As he spoke about this time in his life I was reminded of my growing up in the family business (Willis) yet not really sure what I wanted to do with my life. He started on the shop floor doing whatever needed to be done and ended up working in various departments. As he worked, his passion developed all the way to the recognition he received in 2007. In November of 2007, he received the National Medal of Arts presented by President George W. Bush. Henry credited his time with the Steinway skilled craftsman in his early years as more valuable than any amount of study he would have done.

I think one of the more interesting periods in his life was during WWII. As the war broke out, Henry became a factory manager. In 1942, his career was paused as he was drafted and assigned to work on Governor’s Island at the Army’s Counter-Intelligence Corps headquarters. That’s when he met his wife Polly. After the war, he returned to Steinway and Sons and became president in 1955.

As I sat and listened to Henry, I felt like I was experiencing a slice of American/World history first hand. I sensed a wisdom that comes from years of experiences, both good and bad. He was gracious and although there were many people at the opening, when he spoke with me he was totally tuned into our conversation, which I greatly admired. Henry Z. Steinway is missed but his spirit and passion live with me.

One interesting side note is that we were in the museum that Henry was a founding member of and served as its first president. See and hear Henry in a clip from his historical interview at the museum. Notice his extreme humility. Click here to see information about Henry Steinway on the NAMM page.

I do remember telling him as we finished that Willis would one day represent Steinway with great honor. Happily, we were able to reach that goal three years ago. Steinway and Sons is a valued partner and we look forward to representing them in this region for many years to come.

Kevin Cranley

1903 Cincinnati Baldwin D 9′

We have a 1903 Cincinnati-built Baldwin Model D (9′). This instrument has resided in the same home for most of it’s life. Has a rich powerful sound. Please stop in to see it or call for more information. Askin $12,000

1903 Cincinnati Baldwin D 9'   1903 Cincinnati Baldwin D 9' 1903 Cincinnati Baldwin D 9' 1903 Cincinnati Baldwin D 9' 1903 Cincinnati Baldwin D 9'

Steinway Heirloom Quality Pianos


If it doesn’t have 12,116 genuine Steinway parts, it isn’t a Steinway.

There are 12,116 genuine Steinway parts that make up a Steinway piano, and unfortunately for those who have their Steinway pianos restored outside of the Steinway Restoration Center, there are nearly as many imitation parts that are used in the name of cutting corners and saving money. At Steinway, the love of their instruments and their guiding principle of building to a standard, not a price, means that every one of their parts must answer to the same demand of quality that comes with the Steinway name. If you are in the market for a restored Steinway piano, the only way to ensure that 100% genuine Steinway parts and methodology are being used is to purchase a Steinway Heirloom Piano restored at the Steinway Restoration Center. Some parts, such as the proprietary Steinway soundboard, simply put, are not available to other piano restoration companies or individuals. In other cases, Steinway parts are available, but restoration companies will opt for cheaper imitation parts – often claiming that they are somehow superior to the genuine Steinway parts.

A Steinway is not only a piece of stunning beauty that sounds like no other piano, it is also a sound investment. If you purchased a restored Steinway piano and don’t receive a certificate that guarantees the piano has been restored with 100% genuine Steinway parts and methodology, the value of the instrument is compromised. Each and every Steinway Heirloom piano restored at the Steinway factory receives a certificate that guarantees the piano has been restored with the uncompromising Steinway standards using 100% genuine Steinway parts. Nobody else can make that guarantee. If they tell you they can, ask them to put it in writing. If you purchase a restored Steinway piano somewhere else because of a lower cost estimate, any savings realized initially through use of cheaper, non-Steinway parts or methodology will be lost due to the diminished long-term value of the instrument.

You Received A Musical Instrument For Christmas…

Now What?

Congratulations!!! If you received a musical instrument for Christmas, someone really cares about you. You now have in your possession the gift that keeps on giving. The gift that does not care about your age, sex, race, religion, class and so one. Although you may go through many instruments, the music itself will last most of your lifetime.


It’s never too late to learn! This is one of our mantras. Watch these videos, get inspired, then read further.

Now that you’ve seen the videos, it’s time for you to start your journey of making music.


Whether you opened up a humanatone or a Steinway Grand Piano from under the tree, the instrument is only the facilitator of your music making process. YOU are the music.

With that being said, do you have everything you need to play, maintain, clean and store your instrument? Over the next few days we will feature different articles pertaining to your instrument. Check back often for your instrument category.

  • There was a guitar under the tree just for me! COMING SOON
  • I got a drumset for Christmas! COMING SOON
  • I opened a violin from under the tree! COMING SOON
  • There was a woodwind instrument under the tree! COMING SOON
  • There was a brass instrument under the tree! COMING SOON
  • I got a keyboard for Christmas! COMING SOON

Please note if you received an instrument for Christmas that is not listed above, comment on this blog or send us an email and we will reply with a personalized list just for you!


If you are not doing it already, we encourage you to do lots of “listening.” Always be listening and never stop listening. Are you listening? If you are, your next question might be, “What should I listen to?” As stated by one of the greatest american composers, Duke Ellington:

There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.

We highly suggest listening to “Good Music.” You should try and listen to music that features your instrument but you should at least start with what your “ear” tells you.

Remember when we said “anyone can listen to music?” We really meant it. Here is an example.

Bottom line, think about this: If you don’t listen to music, how do you know what you want to sound like?


How do you learn something new? Do you research on the internet? Do you just hope and guess? Whether you are a “self-taught” type of person or not, EVERYONE must practice in order to learn/improve upon a skill. “Talent” only gets you so far.

How do I know if I am getting the most efficient results from my practice time? Wait, what is “practicing?” I don’t own a “woodshed,” what does it mean to go there? I was progressing really quickly but then one day it just stopped; what happened? If you have asked any of these questions, then Music Lessons are definitely for you.

If you are a beginner and have never asked any of the above questions, Music Lessons are also for you. Did you know that it is impossible to break a habit? You can only form a new habit that hopefully supersedes the bad one. Start with good habits. Start with music lessons.

For information about our Lesson Programs, click HERE.


Add listening to music and playing a musical instrument together, and the result is described in this video:

Recapitulation (ask your new lessons teacher about this word)…

Music is a combined effort of your learning, listening and lessons. You may catch on to this whole music thing real quick or real slow. The truth is, it does not make a difference. The amount of fun and enjoyment you will experience when you play your instrument should be the same for the beginner as it is for the professional. In fact, it gets better the more proficient you get at your instrument.

Before you click on the sign to the right and schedule your lessons and start practicing, we will leave you with another quote by T.S. Elliot:

You are the music while the music lasts.

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The NEW Steinway & Sons Sterling D

Steinway Sterling Edition Piano


Steinway & Sons Sterling D

Willis Music is proud to have accepted delivery of a brand new Steinway & Sons Sterling D. What is a Sterling D you ask? Steinway & Sons has taken their iconic Model D (the concert instrument choice of 98% of pianist world-wide) and given it a more contemporary look in these rare, exceptional instruments. It features all Nickle Hardware, Nickle Decals on the side and fall board, as well as the unique silver plate. This almost non-existent example of a Steinway D is the first of it’s kind to enter the Cincinnati Market and resides exclusively at the Willis Music Steinway Gallery. Take a moment to come and check it out…

Steinway & Sons Sterling D
Steinway & Sons Sterling D
Steinway & Sons Sterling D

Steinway & Sons Sterling D

Steinway & Sons Sterling D

Do you know…Used Pianos?

Have you ever wanted to play the piano? Perhaps you already play but your instrument is less than up to par. As a piano instructor, tuner, and dedicated consultant…I value the importance of quality. Willis is the ONLY authorized dealer in the region to sell Steinway & Sons Pianos. In buying a NEW Steinway & Sons piano, quality is never a concern, however, in purchasing a used piano many questions can arise. I am here to help guide you through these questions concerning brands, models, potential technical issues, and yes…even the money. In the picture below you see just a portion of our used pianos, I am happy to go with you through them one by one so we can discuss why it may or may not be the instrument for you. It’s my personal pledge to never hide or lead you in a direction that isn’t ideal for your specific needs and desires. Feel free to contact me at anytime.

Thank you,

Seth Parshall



Steinway & Sons Sheraton (45") $11,500

This rare 1993 Ebony Satin, Steinway and Sons Sheraton (45″) has rare silver hardware, one owner, recently voiced/regulated/tuned. Solid Piano in a beautiful furniture case. $11,500

Steinway & Sons Sheraton (45")  Steinway & Sons Sheraton (45")Steinway & Sons Sheraton (45")Steinway & Sons Sheraton (45")

1989 Howard C171 5’8" (Designed by Baldwin USA) $5,000

This high-polish ebony Howard Piano (Designed by Baldwin USA) was the personal instrument of Bobby Armstrong, keyboardists for The Casinos. This instrument has only been owned by him. This C171 is 5″8″ making it an ideal size for a family living room.

1989 Howard C171 5'8" (Designed by Baldwin USA)1989 Howard C171 5'8" (Designed by Baldwin USA)1989 Howard C171 5'8" (Designed by Baldwin USA)

Cincinnati Built Baldwin L $5,500

Cincinnati Built Baldwin L used piano. Local trade. Replaced with Steinway & Sons Model A. Solid Instrument, Technician Reviewed. Mahogany Finish. Solid Brass Hardware. $5,500Cincinnati Built Baldwin LCincinnati Built Baldwin L

May 2014 Calendar of Events for the Willis Music Florence Super Store.

May is recital season! Welcome to the students of Denitsa Van Pelt, Peggy Wolverton, Anna Bonham-White, Lara Koogler, Debbie Starosciak, Katie Davidson, Becky Slater, Dan Walsh, Christina Day, Janice Greenhalgh. May is also International Drum Month and we are celebrating all month long with extra savings. May Sales Events: Cinco de Mayo (5/5), Mother’s Day (5/11) and Memorial Day (5/26). May Concerts: Steinway Young Artist Concert (5/14) featuring Hannah Meloy and Christina Haan. Willis Music / Woodsongs Coffeehouse Concert (5/17) featuring Wendy Miller and the Country Grass.


Calendar of Events for April 2014 at the Willis Music Florence Super Store.

April is a VIP+1 (Very Important Person – bring a friend) month. This special event is our way of saying Thank You to our customers. April 11-12 enjoy great savings, music, give aways and refreshments. Great Martin String Challenge is April 25th. This event kicks off our Pick Your Martin Sale (April 25-27). All month long enjoy rebates for that new Yamaha band instrument. April is Spring Recital time. Recitals for the students of Suzanne Butler, Dephne Walters, NKMTA (Northern Kentucky Music Teachers Association), Christie Arquiness and Debbie Starosciak. Re-occurring events include: 4/9: Steinway Young Artist Concert (Marcus Schwarting and friends), 4/16: Open Mic Night (with Scott Stuckswich), 4/20: Open Blues Jam (with Don Jackson), 4/23: Ukulele Club Jam (with Joe Yoakum), 4/25: Open Bluegrass Jam (NKBMA). Willis Music/Woodsongs Coffeehouse Concert: 4/19: featuring Sammy Adkins and the Sandy Hook Mountain Boys.


Music on the Avenue Recital Series

If you haven’t checked out the recital series in Bellevue you must! For over a decade, they have been bringing in top quality performers to the wonderful space at St. John UCC. These concerts are free of charge and a delightful display of space and talent. Willis Music had the privilege to be a sponsor this year. The wonderful performers surrounded the Steinway & Sons piano and filled this intimate space with an expansive experience of musical delight. The series takes place each year in February. Check it out! Come see the piano used for the event at our Kenwood Steinway & Sons Gallery.


Willis Music and Steinway & Sons Sponsor ACDA

The American Choral Director’s Association recently held their Central Division conference in Cincinnati. Willis Music and Steinway & Sons were proud to be a sponsor at the conference. Six pianos were delivered into the Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel for the three day event. Many of the performances taking place in the historic hotel’s Hall of Mirrors has the pleasure to be accompanied by a Concert & Artists Series Steinway & Sons Model B. CD73 has become one of this areas favorite pianos and is a welcome addition to the concerts. The various other Steinway & Sons and Boston (Designed by Steinway & Sons) pianos were utilized in workshops and rehearsal spaces. The instruments used for the event have been moved into our showrooms and are available with special pricing. Feel free to stop by or call us and see them!


Teacher Wins Boston Piano!

Willis Music recently launched the Music Educator’s Partnership (MEP). As part of the kick off, all teachers signing up the first day were entered to win the use of a new Boston piano. After all the tickets were in, the drawing revealed the winner as Jill Duebber. Jill is a prominent piano instructor in the area with many talented students. Jill is already the proud owner of a wonderful grand piano. She decided to donate the piano to an advanced student of hers to aid in their study of playing. The student was ecstatic about having the instrument brought to their home. We know the high-quality piano will help her excel in her study and promote the love and practice of piano. Congratulations! If you are a local teacher please stop in to sign up for MEP!


Winners of a Boston Piano!

Welcome Aboard

Welcome Abigail Westwood to our team here at Willis Music Florence. Abigail will be our new Steinway representative. Stop by and say hello!


Abigail Westwood has been involved with music as long as she can remember. As a child, she sang in several choirs and took piano and flute lessons throughout her school age years. She received a scholarship to study music at Northern Kentucky University where she worked towards a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis on flute. She taught piano and flute lessons for several years, as well as General Music K-8 at St. Cecilia’s Grade School in Independence, KY. She currently enjoys playing music regularly with a local folk ensemble. Abigail has a strong passion for music and quality and is excited to fuse these passions with Steinway’s vision.

March 2014 Calendar of Events for the Willis Music Florence Super Store.

March is full of fun events and great sales events: Celebrate Mardi Gras (3/4) with us and save! Daylight Saving time is (3/9) and we celebrating with savings on great instruments. Don’t forget to wear your green at our St. Patrick’s weekend sale (3/15 – 3/17). Re-occurring events for March are: Blues Jam Sunday (3/16-2pm), Open Mic Night (3/19-6pm), Ukulele Club (3/26-7pm), NKBMA Open Bluegrass Jam (3/28-6pm), Steinway Young Artist (3/29-7pm). Special Events: Larry Sparks and Lonesome Rumblers Concert (3/20-7pm), Stan Ginn Drum Clinic (3/25-6:30pm),  Dentley Little Kids Rock Charity Concert (3/27), Willis Music / Woodsongs partner with Steinway Young Artist to bring you a special concert (3/29-7pm): 3 Ladies and the Piano (Elizabeth Windau, Jill Jantzen, Holly Judd Wilson).


Steinway Piano Rental Available Through Willis Music

Have a concert, wedding, or special event that needs a piano ?

Willis Music has Steinway Pianos that are available to rent for just the occasion.

Contact Joe Yoakum at Willis Music Florence 859-525-6050×5 or

Check out or webpage


Jonathan Carlisle performs at the Steinway Young Artist Concert Series: Feb 12th at 7pm.

The Willis Music / Steinway Young Artist Concert Series features Jonathan Carlisle. The concert is on February 12th at 7pm.


February 2014 Calendar of Events for the Willis Music Florence Super Store.

February is packed with sales events, concerts and our re-occurring get togethers. Join us that the Woodsongs concert: Feb 1st with Wilderness Trail Bluegrass Band. Special Events include: The Day the Music Died (Feb. 3rd), Make a Friend Day (Feb. 11th) and No Brainer Day (Feb. 27th). Look for details on the Willis Music Florence Facebook page. Valentine Day (Feb 14th) Sing for strings. Join us for the Steinway Young Artist Concert Series (Feb 12th) featuring Jonathan Carlisle. Kim Robins and 40 Years Late will perform at the Woodsongs concert (Feb. 21st). Our re-occurring get togethers are: Open Mic Night (3rd Wednesday), Open Blues Jam (3rd Sunday), Ukulele Club (4th Wednesday), NKBMA Open Bluegrass Jam (4th Friday). Piano teachers will get a chance at winning the use of a Boston piano (in their studio for a year) at the Steinway Boston Teachers Event (Feb 22nd).


Events Calendar for January 2014 at the Willis Music Florence Super Store!

It’s Inventory Reduction Sale (Jan 1st through Jan 14th) time. Get extra saving throughout the store. We are also celebrating Bluegrass music with a Bluegrass Instrument sale (Jan 20th through Jan 31st). Saving on all acoustic instruments! January is a great time for concerts, jams and clinics: Stan Ginn Drum Clinic (Jan 7th at 6:30pm), Steinway Young Artist Concert (Jan 8th at 7pm) featuring Marcus Schwarting, Willis Music / Woodsongs Coffeehouse Concert (Jan 11th at 7pm) featuring the bluegrass group: Blue River, Open Mic Night (Jan 15th at 6pm), The new Blues Jam Sunday (Jan 19th at 2pm), Ukulele Club (Jan. 22nd at 7pm), Northern Kentucky Bluegrass Music Association’s Bluegrass Jam (Jan. 24th at 6pm). WOW!




The shopping season is upon us. We have a large inventory of used pianos. ALL used pianos will be at drastically reduced prices this day only. We open promptly a 6 AM! Come out and select your instrument before it is taken. Financing and Delivery is easily available. Used American-Built acoustic pianos starting below $1000! Eastgate Willis Music Only! Professional Piano Consultant Available!


Steinway & Sons, Baldwin (American Built), Yamaha, Petrof, Hallet, Davis & Co. Kohler & Campbell, Cable, Story & Clark.






The shopping season is upon us. We have a large inventory of used pianos. ALL used pianos will be at drastically reduced prices this day only. We open promptly a 6 AM! Come out and select your instrument before it is taken. Financing and Delivery is easily available. Used American Built Pianos starting below $1000! Eastgate Willis Music Only! Professional Piano Consultant Available!


Steinway & Sons, Baldwin (American Built), Yamaha, Petrof, Hallet, Davis & Co. Kohler & Campbell, Cable, Story & Clark.





December 2013 Calendar of Events for the Willis Music Florence Super Store!

Wow! Is it December already! Now is the time to buy that special musician in your life a new musical instrument from Willis Music Florence Super Store! Our biggest sale of the year is now! Starting Black Friday (November 29th through December 31st). The selection is great and Santa’s helpers are here to help you with your selection! Lots of recitals, open jams and a musical good time is happening all month! Come and join us!



The shopping season is upon us. We have a large inventory of used pianos. ALL used pianos will be at drastically reduced prices this day only. We open promptly a 6 AM! Come out and select your instrument before it is taken. Financing and Delivery is easily available. Used American Built Pianos starting below $1000! Eastgate Willis Music Only! Professional Piano Consultant Available!


Steinway & Sons, Baldwin (American Built), Yamaha, Petrof, Hallet, Davis & Co. Kohler & Campbell, Cable, Story & Clark.






The shopping season is upon us. We have a large inventory of used pianos. ALL used pianos will be at drastically reduced prices this day only. We open promptly a 6 AM! Come out and select your instrument before it is taken. Financing and Delivery is easily available. Used American Built Acoustic Pianos starting below $1000! Eastgate Willis Music Only! Professional Piano Consultant Available!


Steinway & Sons, Baldwin (American Built), Yamaha, Petrof, Hallet, Davis & Co. Kohler & Campbell, Cable, Story & Clark.






The shopping season is upon us. We have a large inventory of used pianos. ALL used pianos will be at drastically reduced prices this day only. We open promptly a 6 AM! Come out and select your instrument before it is taken. Financing and Delivery is easily available. Used American Built Pianos starting below $1000! Eastgate Willis Music Only!



Steinway & Sons, Baldwin (American Built), Yamaha, Petrof, Hallet, Davis & Co. Kohler & Campbell, Cable, Story & Clark.






November 2013 Calendar of Events for the Willis Music Florence Super Store.

November is here and it’s getting cold outside, but the deals get hotter inside the Willis Music Florence Super Store. The Amazing Deal and Closeout sale has been extended to November 1-10. After the 10th the remaining items get shipped out, so get them while they last.

November 13-22 we celebrate the bluegrass and folk musician with extra savings. Every 4th Friday of the month the Northern Kentucky Bluegrass Music Association has a open bluegrass jam. The Jam is on November 22 at 6pm.

Stop the Press!!!! Huge announcement!!! Willis Music Florence is now your YAMAHA Band Instrument dealer. We are celebrating big! On November 29th, we are having the “Step up to Yamaha” Band Event with TRIPLE rebates on Yamaha band Instruments. WOW!

Willis Music / Woodsongs Coffeehouse Concert feature: Southland Drive. Be part of the television audience on November 9th at 7pm. Check out the Calendar for all the happenings.


World Famous Horowitz Steinway Piano

World-Famous Horowitz Piano to be at Willis Performing Arts Center

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The legendary, world-traveled Steinway & Sons Model D Horowitz Piano has been on tour and is making its way to the Willis Performing Arts Center in Florence, KY July 25- August 9, 2013.

“This provides a rare opportunity for the public to see, hear, touch and even play the stunning nine-foot grand piano,” said Willis Music President Kevin Cranley.

This very instrument is the magnificent, 9-ft Steinway Concert Grand piano that accompanied classical titan Vladimir Horowitz (1903-1989) on tour, including this famous 1986 return to Moscow recital. His personally-owned piano, known as the CD 503, is said to have been his favorite instrument.

“Willis Music is deeply honored that the Horowitz Steinway will be at our Willis Performing Arts Center for the first time ever and we are excited to be able to invite the public to be a part of this once-in-a lifetime event,” added Cranley. “All guests will have the opportunity to play the piano if they choose, have their picture taken with the Horowitz Steinway and receive a certificate to commemorate the occasion.”

Horowitz is widely considered one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. His use of tone color and brilliant performances enthralled audiences for decades. He was born in the Russian Empire in 1903. By age 20 he had performed 23 concerts in St. Petersburg alone. In 1925 he came to New York to perform concerts and then back to Berlin for his debut. In 1927 Horowitz became a Steinway artist. The next year he joined the New York Philharmonic Orchestra as a piano soloist and became the legend that he is today. Horowitz owned the CD 503 since the early 1940’s. This is the piano Horowitz kept in his New York townhouse. He used it in many recitals and recordings in the 70’s and 80’s, and he famously demanded that the piano be his exclusive touring instrument during the last four years of his life, including for his triumphant return to the former Soviet Union for performances in Moscow and Leningrad in 1986.

What: Horowitz Steinway Piano On Tour
Where: Willis Performing Arts Center in Florence, KY
7567 Mall Rd. Florence, KY 41042
When: July 25th – August 9th, 2013
Who: Open to the public to see, hear, touch and play. To schedule a time to play the Horowitz Steinway, please call (859) 525-6050 or email:

Written by Christy Schutte

Horowitz Piano Lecture Recital

Horowitz Lecture Recital


Featuring: Sergei Polusmiak

What: Horowitz Lecture Recital featuring Sergei Polusmiak, concert pianist, performing on the world-famous Horowitz Steinway that was personally owned by Vladimir. This is the very piano that Vladimir Horowitz performed on during his victorious 1986 recitals in Moscow and Leningrad, USSR.

Where: Willis Music Performing Arts Center: 7567 Mall Rd, Florence, KY 41042

View Larger Map

When: Sunday, August 4th at 2PM (reception to follow)

Who: Sergei Polusmiak
Sergei Polusmiak is an Honored Artist Ukraine and a graduate of Kharkiv Conservatory where he studied with Vladimir Horowitz’s sister, Regina Horowitz. Please see his bio below for more information.

Horowitz Lecture Recital program to include works by: Scarlatti, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, and Shchedrin.

RSVP Today! Limited Seating!

Contact: Stella Fukumura – 859-525-6050 x5 or

Sergei Polusmiak Bio


Sergei Polusmiak, “Honored Artist of Ukraine”, was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Sergei Polusmiak graduated from Kharkiv Conservatory where he studied with Regina Horowitz, sister of Vladimir Horowitz.. After receiving the Post Graduate Diploma from Kyiv Conservatory and undergoing professional training at Moscow State Conservatory Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, he became the youngest Professor of Piano at the Kharkiv Conservatory and started his professional career as a pianist and a music educator.

Since 1974 Sergei Polusmiak as a Performing Artist has toured Russia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Mexico, Taiwan and the United States.

In 1998 Sergei moved to America and became the Artist-in-Residence and the recipient of the Tom and Christine Neyer Family Endowed Professorship of Music at Northern Kentucky University. As an influential pianist and educator, Professor Polusmiak has been a jury member of major International Piano Competitions including Competition for Young Pianist in memory of Vladimir Horowitz, Kyiv, Ukraine; Lysenko International Piano Competition, Kyiv, Ukraine; Vladimir Krainev Young Pianist International Piano Competition, Kharkiv, Ukraine; Svyato Muz, Lugansk, Ukraine; Milosz Magin International Piano Competition, Paris, France; Rameau au Chateau International Piano Competition, Cosne sur Loire, France; Joanna Hodges International Piano Competition, Palm Desert, California; World Piano Competition, Cincinnati, USA and George Gershwin International Piano Competition, Philadelphia, USA.

The students of Sergei Polusmiak have won numerous prizes at international piano competitions and performed with orchestras such as The Kyiv State Symphony Orchestra, Kharkiv Philharmonic; Lugansk Philharmonic; The Moscow Philharmonic, The St. Petersburg Philharmonic, The Moscow Virtuosi, The Israel Philharmonic, L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal, Netherland Symphony Orchestra; Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra; Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra; Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, Russian Chamber Orchestra of San Francisco; Minnesota Sinfonia; Jefferson Symphony Orchestra; Shanghai Philharmonic; The Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra and The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Sergei Polusmiak has conducted master classes in colleges and universities all over the world. Among those were the Moscow Music College; Russia, Kyiv Music College, Ukraine; Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, USA; College Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, USA; Joanna Hodges International Symposium, Vancouver , USA; “Musicalia”, Toulouse, France; “Encuentro International de Pianistas” , Argentina; Oriental Arts Center, Shanghai, China and others.

Sergei Polusmiak is the founder and artistic director of the Ukrainian-France Summer Music Festival, the founder and director of the Ukrainian Children’s Music Theater of Kharkiv (which performed in 1992 and 1994 with Cincinnati’s May Festival Chorus), the founder and director of Russian Summer Piano Institute. He also founded his own private school – Sergei Polusmiak’s Russian School of Music – to provide professional trainings for young pianists from countries around the world.

Upcoming concerts of Sergei Polusmiak include performing Rachmaninoff 2ndConcerto with Shanghai Philharmonic under direction of 88 years old Maestro Cao Peng, one of China’s most distinguished conductors at Shanghai Music Hall with live radio broadcast in the fall of 2013. Another venue is Solo Piano Recital at the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center which is often called “The Carnegie Hall of China” in the spring 2014.

Sergei Polusmiak has recorded 5 compact discs including “Sergei plays Sergei” (piano works by Rachmaninoff and Scriabin);“Hommage a Shostakovich” (music for two pianos, with French pianist Therese Dussaut); “Music for Clarinet and Piano” (with Ukrainian prodigy Alexander Bedenko); “Beautiful Music For Friends” (music by Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, Rachmaninoff); “Therese Dussaut, Sergei Polusmiak, Piano 4 hands” (music by Tchaikovsky and Dvorak).

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Catch A Rising Star

Abby Matracia performed for the Willis Music Young Artist Series.

This free piano concert included works by Beethoven, Chopin, Gottschalk, and Schubert.

Check out these video clips of Abby playing on the Steinway Model O.


Willis Music’s Young Artist Series Featuring Cody Winn

In Case You Missed It…

Cody Winn performed at the Willis Music Young Artist Series April 10th, 2013.

Cody takes piano lessons with Joe Yoakum of Kate Young’s Music Makers.

The performance included works by Purcell, Haydn, and Telemann.

The Young Artist Series is an on going event that occurs every second Wednesday of each month at 7 PM  Where?  Willis Music Florence.

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Free Piano Lesson at Willis Music Florence

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Willis Music’s Young Artist Concert

Jonathan Reed Performed Bach’s Prelude & Fugue in D Major
For the Young Artists Concert on Wednesday March 13th 2013
This is a monthly series that occurs at Willis Music Florence
Every Second Wednesday at 7PM. See video below.

Even Legends Started With The Piano

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Willis Music’s Young Artist Series

When: Wednesday March 13th at 7 PM

Where: Willis Music Florence Performance Center & Steinway Piano Gallery

Cost: FREE

Wills Music’s Young Artist Series is platform that will feature local talent from the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Area.  The series provides a performance venue for artists seeking an audience.  This is a recurring event that happens the second Wednesday of  every month.

This month’s performing artist will be Dr. Jonathan ReedJonathan.jpg.

For Dr. Reed’s bio, please click HERE.

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Willis Music’s partnership with Steinway and Sons

In August 2012, Willis Music began a partnership with Steinway and Sons.  As a result of this partnership, Willis Music is currently the only authorized dealer of Steinway pianos in the Greater Cincinnati area.  I recently had the opportunity to travel to New York City to be introduced to this American institution.  It was a great opportunity to be able to meet the Steinway family.  I had the chance to tour the factory where Steinway pianos are built, the same way they have been constructed for over 150 years.  I was truly amazed at the artistry and pride that goes into each piano they create.  Each component is carefully planned, crafted by hand, and held to the highest standards.  The people who work in the factory take enormous pride in the pianos they create.  This pride is evident in the unmatched sound quality of a Steinway piano.  The Eastgate Mall location of Willis Music has a fine selection of grand pianos available for you to come in and experience the quality and craftsmanship of these instruments.

The first step in building a Steinway piano is the “rim bending.” This amazing process involves a team of people working together to make the case of a piano from hardwood maple.  This team works to mold the maple into the shape of what will eventually become a Steinway piano.Steinway Factory