Heavy Metal Uke and Scales and Lessons

So this video strolled by on the Facebook feed this morning and we just had to see it.  Pretty impressive playing on a uke!

Check it out!


So being three quasi theory geeks we then began talking about which, if any, scale the guitarist from the original band that did this particular song would use.  We came to the conclusion that there isn’t one really, confirmed by a quick google search for articles about it.  It’s really just the chromatic scale and notes that “kind of” fit around the rhythm of the song, although we were initially intrigued about some talk of “the Devil’s Scale”, that turned out to be a bust and really just a reference to tritones.


So what is your favorite scale to play in?  Pentatonic?  Minor? Major?  Lydian Flat 5?  No right or wrong answer here, just let’s hear it? Or are you one of those people like these guitarists that prefer to NOT purposely use a scale, or just really have no idea what I’m talking about?  That’s ok too.


This reminds me and brings up another point.  If you’re one of those that has no idea what I’m talking about but don’t want to be, we have one of the best teaching staffs around.  Lessons are where we all learned our scales and how to use them.  It takes a lot of the frustration and what feels like literally reading Greek out of the process.  We just recently scheduled our 300th student here at Moeller of Willis Music West Chester!  Schedule lessons today and help us get to 400!

We have a handy website to help you out.  It’s called  Simply click on the link and search for the instrument and area you want (use 45069 as the zip code if you’re looking for our store) and find the teacher that’s right for you.  Each teacher has a bio and their rates and times available.  Hope to see you soon!




Even Legends Started With The Piano

The legendary Eddie Van Halen said, “The piano is a universal instrument. If you start there, learn your theory and how to read, you can go on to any other instrument.” A solid foundation in theory opens doors to easily expand the number of instruments you play and efficiently expand your repertoire. The piano is one of the most accessible instruments to vastly expand your theory knowledge. The piano has the capability to express the multitude and diverse aspects of music in its mere 88 keys. The transition from piano to all band and most orchestral instruments becomes learning the instrument, not requiring the labor of learning new aspects of theory, as many other transitions can require. As the exclusive Steinway & Sons dealer for the Cincinnati / Dayton we have the opportunity to provide the World’s Finest Piano for you and your child to become a truly fine musician…whatever instrument is the goal.