Cline White Baby Grand (5’3") Asking $5,000

Well cared for this 1993 Cline (Built by Young Chang) grand piano in high polish white. This instrument has had one owner. Well cared for. Upholstered Bench. Wonderful unique piece.

Cline White Baby Grand (5'3") Cline White Baby Grand (5'3")

1920 Chickering Grand 6′ $3,500

This lovely American piano was built in Boston by one of the great builders in history. It is mahogany satin fish and was refurbished in 1978. This will make a wonderful instrument for the home.

1920 Chickering Grand 6' 1920 Chickering Grand 6'

Take Me Out To The Baldwin

It’s here, the season we’ve all been waiting for! Time to hang up our winter coats for good, pack up the kids, step into the sun and…join us at Willis Music for used piano goodness the ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE!! Special pricing and new selections make now a better time than ever to bring more music to your home. Come visit us at our Florence location and get ready to play piano!

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