Florence Open Mic Night August 21

Summer is winding down. School is just around the corner. Kids are singing the blues and parents are
(some, not all) singing a happy tune! All genres are welcome to join us! Come on out to the Willis
Music Open Mic Night – Wednesday, August 21 st from 6-7:45 PM. It is in the studio/stage area which is
immediately to the left as you walk through the door.
School is starting. So it’s band and lesson time. Don’t forget Willis has all your musical needs covered.
Whether it’s a new instrument, new sheet music, or if you want to start taking lessons, Willis has what
you need!
Come on out, tune up, warm up your vocal cords and picking fingers and we’ll make some music on
Wednesday, August 21 st from 6pm to 7:45pm. See you there!!!

New Teachers in West Chester- Sign up Today!

We have several exciting new teachers at our West Chester Moeller/Willis Music location. These four new teachers are a great addition to our lessons!

Shelia Gardner- View Profile Here!

Voice lessons, Thursday Evenings 

Register for Lessons With Shelia Today!



Keith Lykins- View Profile Here

Acoustic, Electric, and Classical Guitar- Saturday, Sunday, & Monday

Register for Lessons With Keith Today!


Josiah Wolf- View Profile Here!

Drums- Thursdays 

Register for Lessons With Josiah Today!


Mike Haid- View Profile Here!

Drums- Sundays

Register for Lessons With Mike Today!



To see all of the teachers at our West Chester location, Click Here

Or Click Here to find a teacher near you!


Our Fantastic Teaching Staff

We tend to take them for granted and don’t talk about them enough so just wanted to take a second to introduce our fantastic teaching staff here at Moeller of Willis Music West Chester!


Check out their bios here! Or better yet,  just go ahead and sign up for lessons here!


We offer guitar, bass, drums, piano, keyboard, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, coronet,  bass clarinet, violin, viola, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and voice lessons and perhaps a few I forgot to mention.

Great Video of Glass Breaking by Voice!


Some hairbands of the 80′s may have sounded like they were breaking glass with their voices, but the TV show Mythbusters has shown everyone how to do it with a lot less spandex!

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The Ky. State Fair Vocal Preliminary is July 6!

willis fair

The Kentucky State Fair is a serious deal in these parts, and not just because of the deep fried butter sticks. Though deep frying butter may take talent, we’re giving folks with a more musical talent a shot to hit the big stage during the fair! Willis Music on Hurstbourne Pkwy. is hosting a preliminary round July 6th at 1pm for singers ages 13-21 wanting to compete at the fair, and our top 3 will be there.

We have limited entry forms at the store, so don’t wait & miss out on your chance to get some real attention from your friends, family and neighbors across the state.

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We Make Learning Music Fun & Easy!

The love of music has no age & neither does the desire to learn to play it! We’ve assembled a staff of teachers that create individual lesson programs for each student to make sure they receive exactly what they want to learn. Flexible schedules & great studios mean we work around your needs while providing a comfortable atmosphere to help you make your musical dreams come true. Stop waiting & start playing… whether you want one-on-one private lessons or the experience of a group class we’re ready to get you making the music you’ve dreamed of today!

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