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The SoundWorkshop Recording Studio inside Willis Music will be starting a new recording/live sound class soon. 10 week class, one night per week, 7-10. Class is $295 including 120 page course book. We cover what to buy, frequency response, decibels, phase, mics, direct boxes, cables, recording, mixing, EQ, compression, effects and signal processing, mastering, MIDI, powered amps, crossovers, speakers, and how to make CDs! Email or call 513-607-9855 for more info or to attend

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  1. Ric Hopkins at the SoundWorkshop
    Ric Hopkins at the SoundWorkshop says:

    The class is one night per week, for ten weeks. Usually 7 to 10 or 6 to 9 depending on when everyone can get there. The class can be Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, again depending on when everyone can make it.

    The cost is $295 for the 10 weeks, including my 120 page course book that covers everything we learn in class. We cover the history of recording, how different recording systems work, frequency response, decibels, and phase, cables, direct boxes , when to record direct and when to use a mic, microphone types and how to use them, how analog and digital mixers work, and how computer mixers work, equalization, compression and effects /plug-ins, how to mix, how to master, how midi andvirtual instruments work, and how to make CDs.

    Please let me know if you can make this session, and which nights I mentioned that you could make it

    Ric Hopkins
    The SoundWorkshop recording studio
    513 607-9855 /

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