Have you met piano player Tony Gross? That is him over there —> 

Tony Gross piano player Portrait
Tony Gross Signing my instrument came from Willis Music Sign

Tony is only twelve years old but he is already a fantastic pianist. I had the chance to sit down with Tony and find out a little about him. Besides being a ridiculously good pianist he is also a smart and funny guy. He started playing the piano when he was only five years old! Tony started attending our Worship Musician Night (If you don’t know what that is click here) and he has been on stage performing at the events! His passion and talent caught the attention of the Florence United Methodist Church Praise Team. They asked Tony to come play at their church with them, which is a really awesome opportunity for a young musician! That is part of the whole reason we have Worship Musician Night, for worship musicians in our area to network and make connections!  I was lucky enough to be able to hear Tony play. You could tell he was nervous about the interview – I mean who wouldn’t be nervous when you have a camera in your face? But he sat down at the piano in the Florence Superstore recital hall and I could see the nerves melt away immediately. He was in his comfort zone. He began playing Crowder’s, “Come as you Are” and he just looked like he belonged at the piano. It was a very cool moment to witness! Check out the video interview we did with Tony and find out more about him!